Homeless people living on the streetsCredit: homeless people on flickr by Robert the bear


Share this Christmas with those on their own. If you know someone all alone ask them "Are you Ok." Wish them a merry Christmas. It will only take a moment but that moment could mean a lot to someone that has no family or friends

Things You Will Need

  • Generosity and a caring thoughtful nature
  • Perhaps five minutes of your time
  • A smile
  • An ear to listen to their problems
  • Spend quality time with them
  • Spread some Christmas joy with them
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Christmas is a time for celebrations and the joy of giving and receiving gifts. It is a time for last minute shopping, and cooking traditional meals for family and friends. The Christmas cards to write out and post away to those loved ones far away. The one time each year, to catch up with distant family. Those with family and friends are very lucky.

Christmas is a good time to give thoughts to those without any family, or less fortunate than you. If you know someone living alone, why not invite him or her to join you at this very important festive time of year. Before inviting him or her, make a decision on what to do about gifts.

If you decide no presents, you could suggest they bring a plate or something similar so they feel a part of the celebration. Make sure you know what they like to drink. When they arrive, do not be offended if they do bring a little present. It may make them feel more comfortable at this time of year if they do.

If they decline your invitation, you could still pop in and wish them a Merry Christmas to brighten their day.

Finding yourself all alone

Through no fault of your own, the thought of a festive Christmas depresses you. You suddenly realize this Christmas is going to be different. You are alone. This is something you had not envisioned ever happening to you.

You have to believe, you will survive this, although it is not going to be easy and it will take time. There will be tears and even anger. To survive this festive time, you have to think positive, knowing that you will come through this a stronger person. Believe in your inner strength. As I said before there will be good and bad days. As time goes on the good ones will outweigh the bad.

You need to get out and meet other people in similar circumstances as yourself. Share those hurt feelings, learn from others, and start enjoying life again. Become a volunteer; help others less fortunate than you. Join the Salvo's, work for a charity. Do not, under any circumstances sit in your room and feel sorry for yourself.

You may have missed celebrating this Christmas. Be assured, you will make friends and before you know it, you will be ready to help others and enjoy the next and many more Christmases to come.