Reiki is a natural way of healing using universal healing energy. The name Reiki is made up from two seperate words, Rei meaning universal and Ki meaning life force, chi or breath. As soon as you are attuned to this life force energy your body is able to channel this energy and help yourself and others heal from disturbing experiences in life.

There are certain moments where it is said better not to use Reiki. In the case of a serious medical situation you are always adviced to ensure proper conventional health care so make sure you warn your doctor if you are dealing with serious health problems. Reiki also has a way of neutralizing the sedating effect of anestesia so never use Reiki before any medical or dental intervention. If you come across a person with broken bones make sure they first see a doctor, do not use Reiki energy on broken bones before they are properly set by a specialist. It is also advised to doctor check your insulin levels since Reiki can reduce insulin in diabetics.

The uses of Reiki are endless, not only can you help yourself or other people, Reiki can also have a positive effect on plants, seeds or anything that is filled with alive energy even if you would never think of it of being helped by the energy. Probably the most difficult concept to grasp is the fact that Reiki can travel in time.

This makes it a wonderful alternative therapie when it comes to dealing with people who have been having problems in the past, seeing that the Reiki energy will go there where it is needed and if it means it was needed in the past, that is where it will travel. The same concept goes for helping situations in the future, even if you give somebody a Reiki treatment today, it is very well possible that the energy is not needed until some time in the future. The Reiki will go there where it is needed.

After one of the Reiki courses I followed my Reiki teacher was explaining how she would actually help dead people by applying the same technique you would use for distant healing and she shared some wonderful stories on how the people around the deceased person felt better after the treatment, because somehow it felt as things were falling in it´s place. There is of course no way of knowing for certain whether the Reiki energy had traveled back in time, but knowing that the relatives felt better about the whole situation was of course a great thing.

The more you start working with Reiki energy and the more you start experiencing and applying it in all sorts of situations, the more you will feel it is working and the more feedback you will be getting from people who have felt the Reiki really improved their life and well-being.

There are several ways to give a treatment. Some teachers will show you a standard treatment of set hand positions to follow, while others will encourage you to go with your feelings and let your hands go there where you feel is needed. However, if you are advanced in your Reiki practices and have been working with the Reiki healing energy for a longer period of time, you will find that hand positions really don´t matter that much. After all, all you are really is a channel for the energy and the Reiki will find it´s way to go there where it is needed, even without your hands being on the right spot.

Many times it is the physical warmth that will help in certain hand positions but if you are purely doing it for sending Reiki healing, you might as well send distant Reiki energy to the person wanting a treatment.

Just like the concept of the energy traveling through time is hard to grasp, many people find it difficult to believe that it is possible to be attuned over a long distance. This is many times the case when people choose to learn Reiki online through a distance Reiki course and there is no way to receive the attunements in person. Some people feel that those who have been attuned over a larg distance can never really be attuned but there is a growing number of people feeling this is not at all true.

When you come to think of it, the founder of Reiki, Dr. Usui, attuned himself to the universal chi energy and nobody seems to doubt that his attunements were anything but very powerful. So if it has worked for Dr. Usui it would almost be foolish to doubt that it would not work for anybody else, because as such, people would doubt the ability of Dr. Usui himself, and doubting his self-attunements actually worked.

The most important thing though to remember is that Reiki more than anything is a feeling. Everybody is able to work with Reiki healing energy, as long as they really want to, as long as their desire to work with this energy is sincere and they wish to do well. Every person is allowed to do with it what they feel is right so do not ever allow other people to dictate what you can or can not do with the universal energy, especially when you realize that everybody is just a channel and the energy should be free flowing in the first place.

Respect the gift you were given once you have been attuned by a Reiki master and if you feel this is the energy you will want to be working with, if you feel it truely ads value to your life, you might want to consider becoming a Reiki master yourself and pass on the gift to others, so they in turn can pass it on to yet other people. The more people are working with this healing energy, the more it is spread around the world, the better a place it will become, since Reiki healing energy not only heals, but also bonds people who want to do well and treat others with respect.