You may find that you could really use the services of a nanny, but you also know that you just can’t afford it right now. How about sharing a nanny with someone else who is in the same situation as you are? It is an excellent solution for families who need childcare but find the cost more than they can handle. If you have a friend who has children who are not attending school, the nanny may be willing to care for hers and yours at the same time, either in your home, or that of the friend. You may even rotate locations if the nanny is agreeable to this. She may watch the kids at your home for one week, and at your friend’s the next. That way, the children are able to spend time in their own home on alternate weeks, and no single household has more activity than the other.



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The nanny may also be able to work part-time for each one of you if she is needed on different days of the week. Depending on your schedule if you work, and that of the other family, she might be able to divide her time between each one of you if your hours don’t coincide. This may be easier for her if each family has two or three children who need looking after, instead of expecting her to watch five or six little ones at the same time. That’s pretty hard for anyone, no matter how much experience they may have! Consider all your nanny-sharing options before you actually set out to hire someone for this position. Of course, the final decision will be the nanny’s, and she will let you know what she is capable of handling.


There are a lot of great reasons why sharing a nanny is a good idea for everyone involved. Of course, the first one that comes to mind is that the cost will be much lower for each family, since you will probably be splitting it evenly unless one family needs her more often than the other. Work this out right from the start so there are no misunderstandings. You shouldn’t split the cost evenly if you only need her for two days and the other family needs her for three, but that is only if she is going to be working individually for each of you on a part-time basis. If she is going to be caring for all the kids at once, this is a great way for them to share time with other kids, learn how to get along and socialize with their peers, and form friendships.

Babysitters need to have experience with children.


By placing your children in the care of a nanny, not in a daycare facility, you are also minimizing the risk of exposing them to greater numbers of kids who may be sick with one thing or another. Colds run rampant among youngsters who are grouped together for periods of time each day, and the less exposed yours are, the better their chances are of staying well during this time of year. Since they are staying in their own home, or at the very least, the home of the other family, you are better able to keep them in good health by keeping exposure to germs to a minimum.  Of course, you know they are going to get sick occasionally, but the risk is lower than it might otherwise be.



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You could  just rely on a babysitter for what you need, but why would you want to? If you can locate a nanny to provide you with top-notch, experienced, reliable, and qualified care for your kids, nothing could work out any better for you. If you find one that is quite willing to work for you and another family, it has just gotten that much better. Your kids are going to be delighted that they aren’t going to be spending their time in daycare, and instead can stay at home with their own toys, friends, and of course, their nanny. Find a friend who wants to participate in the sharing of a nanny, and then begin your search to locate this caring individual, and hire her as soon as you find her-don’t let her slip away!