Sharingan contacts
If you are a fan of Naruto anime, you may have heard that you can buy Sharingan contact lenses. Sharingan contacts will allow you to have eyes that look just like members of the Uchiha clan. There are only few online stores that carry true Sharingan contacts so you have to make sure you find the authentic style.

Sharingan eyes in general are red and have a thin black outline in the shape of a circle. There are also black dots that are in the shape of a half-circle. The style may vary slightly depending on which character you want to look like. There are variations in the number of dots and other features that may appear. The characters with Sharingan that you can find contacts for are: Kakashi Hatake, Itachi Uchiha, and Sasuke Uchiha. There does not seem to be any contacts available to look like the character Tobi, however.

Sharingan is an eye condition that only members of the Uchiha clan have. This condition means that the Uchiha have several pupils. This is an advantage to them because the Uchiha have ninja powers known as jutsu. The translation of Sharingan actually means "copy eye wheel" which refers to the multiple pupils.

If you participate in cosplay or are just looking to make your Halloween costume look more realistic, then you will want to check out Sharingan contacts. Most places will require that you get a prescription from your eye doctor even if your eyesight does not require corrective lenses. This is to make sure that the contact fit properly. If you find them for sale and a prescription is not required, then buy them at your own risk. The last thing you want is to spend money on great Sharingan contacts only to have them hurt or not last very long.

Since Sharingan contact lenses are a special type of costume contacts then you have to make sure to take care of them properly. You should get detailed instructions in the package when your contacts arrive. In general, handle them with care and use the proper cleaning solutions and storage containers. If you fail to keep them clean then you can cause problems like eye infections.

Once you have bought your contacts, you are ready to impress your friends at any anime or costume parties that you may attend. You will be able to instantly spot anyone else who is a Naruto fan if they are wearing Sharingan contact lenses.