The advantages of buying a Shark cordless hand vac with twister technology, is that they're more powerful in removing dust, pet hair, and dirt. Some of those hard-to-get spots in your home, or car, can be a little easier to vacuum with the twister technology. The twister cyclonic technology has more suction power, and it lasts much longer. There's nothing worse than weak suction power in a vacuum cleaner. Especially suction power that goes compute after a few minutes. Shark cordless hand vacs are very convenient and versatile hand held vacuum cleaners to use. They're perfect for vacuuming pet hair, cleaning basements, attics, cars, and garages even. Prices are reasonable as well. Take a look down below at some of the Shark cordless hand vacs with twister technology.

Shark Cordless 14.4V Pet Perfect Hand Vac

The SV70 Shark cordless handheld vac is very cheap. It features the twister cyclonic technology that can suck away dirt, dust, and brush away pet hair from carpets, rugs, beds, couches, and car seats. It costs about $25 dollars refurbished, but this is not a cheap maintenance cordless hand vac to use. It can vacuum like a highly featured expensive hand vac. The 14.4 volt batter provides enough power. This might be the best hand held vacuum cleaner you'll find for around $25-$40 dollars. It's best feature is its deep cleaning. It will suck out anything from carpets, rugs, mats, and seats. It also features a LED indicator light to alert you when it is time to recharge your vac. You can purchase it refurbished online at If you want to buy it brand new, then you can purchase online at and amazon for about $40 dollars. It's still pretty cheap either way, for one of the best hand vacs out on the market.


Shark Cordless 14.4V Pet Perfect Hand Vac, SV70
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(price as of Sep 15, 2015)

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect 2 Hand Vac

The Pet Perfect 2 Hand Vac is the best handheld vacuum cleaner for pet hair out on the market. It's also pretty expensive as well. At retail prices it go for $80 dollars. It features the most powerful 18 volts found in cordless handheld vacs. The brush is bigger and more effective in removing all pet hair, and getting beneath the shag of carpets to pull out extra dirt, dust, and pet hair. It features 35% more suction power than a 15.6 volt unit. It features a washable filter, and a bagless dust cup that doesn't require being replaced. A wall mountable deluxe charging stand can also be included. It might be a bit expensive, but it's definitely a very good hand vac featuring the twister technology.

Shark  Pet Perfect II Hand Vac (SV780)
Amazon Price: $59.99 Too low to display Buy Now
(price as of Sep 15, 2015)

Shark Bagless Cordless Handheld Vacuum

The SV7729 features a 9.6 volts in this handheld vacuum with twister cyclonic technology. It's cheap, but the twister technology still provides enough suction power to get a good, and thorough vacuum cleanup wherever its needed. It features LED that alerts you when battery life is low. There are definitely better Shark handheld vacuum cleaners to purchase on the market. For its cheap price, though, it is still a pretty decent hand vac to purchase. It's probably not the best Shark cordless handhel vac for removing pet hair. Customers enjoy the good suction power that comes from the twister technology. Customers recommend using it more for hard surfaces. It's more effective on hard surfaces than carpets. It's a lightweight handheld vac that's easy to carry. You can purchase online at tool fetch for just $25 dollars.

Shark SV7728 12 Volt Cordless Hand Vac w Twister Technology

The Shark SV778 as seen on TV handheld vacuum features a 12 vac, and the twister technology for increased suction power. It's perfect for cleaning up messes. It will even suck up food particles. It's very powerful and a effective vacuum for some of the worst messes made. You can detach the filter and wash it yourself. It's versatile, cheap, and effective to use for boats, cars, garages, basements, homes, carpets, floors, and furniture. It's light and small. It's narrow head can get between tight spaces. Prices are going for about $30 dollars online. You purchase this handheld Shark cordless handheld vac with twister technology online at beach audio,, and amazon.