Sharm el-Sheikh is a well-known port and resort town at the southern tip of Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, and it is known simply as Sharm. It is a very popular place for vacations that's known all over the world, especially in tour packages through the Middle East at the holidays. Sharm has different nicknames such as "Jewel of Sinai" and also "City of Peace" and it got the later nickname because it hosted many peace treaties during the last decade, but still its main commerce is tourism, and at any given time of the year it is full of tourists and locals.

The Sinai Peninsula is a remote desert mountain range, and these mountains are parted from the deep-blue sea by a flat desert strip. This combination of desert and sea is an incredible sight that is difficult to be seen else where, and the simplicity of sun, sea and sand makes for an unforgettable vacation.

So, what is magical about this place? And what is the charm of Sharm? First let's review the basic facts about it:
Weather: Sharm weather is like all of Egypt really nice from October to May, the nights are cool and nice, and during the day it is sunny and clear. For people who are used to cold weather it is best to have summer clothes but to carry a sweater for late at night when the weather gets a bit cooler.

Culture: Even though Sharm is a part of Sinai, it still has its own culture, which has to do with its nature of clear water and beautiful beaches surrounded with mountains. It is a place for people who are seeking relaxation in a beautiful and peaceful area. It has all kinds of shops and malls ranging from local to international merchandise, and from expensive to cheap stuff. Also, it has different types of cafes and restaurants, local, Mediterranean, European, Chinese, and so on.

Beaches: The beaches are long stretches of soft and clean sand, which along with the crystal clear water makes a magnificent picture.

Luxury Hotels: There are many 5 star hotels and resorts in Sharm that provide an exceptionally high standard of cleanliness, service and cuisine. As well as many activities such as golfing, swimming in private beaches, and tours to all the exciting places within the area.
What Can You Do in Sharm?

Diving: it is one of the main activities of Sharm because it is famous for its diving areas and diving clubs, which attract people who love diving in clear water with more than a thousand different fish species and 150 types of coral. It also has shells and shell fish, that some of it is rare in color and size. It is really a world in itself, and that is why it is the first thing that anyone who arrives at Sharm asks for, and some people even come especially for diving. Because of this you'll find more than 200 diving schools across Sharm. Sharm El Sheikh gave the Red Sea an international reputation as one of the world's most extraordinary diving destinations in the Red Sea.

Sea World in Sharm (31247)

Horseback riding: It is one of Sharm's most appealing activities, giving riders the chance to fully enjoy the beauty and serenity of their surroundings between mountains and clear water. It is available through most of the hotels, and in some centers as well, and there are instructors who assess your riding skills and give any help needed to make it an enjoyable experience.

Golfing: There are several golf clubs that provide spacious living and beautiful grounds, and several places that can give golf courses as well.
Sharm El Sheikh at Christmas & New Year: The weather at this time of the year is really nice, between 21 and 25 C, which is almost 70 to 80 F. It is summer weather during the day, but a bit cool during the night. During this time the city is decorated in a festive mood with a lot of tourists and locals celebrating the holidays. The hotels and restaurant make special menus and special treats for all their guests along with entertainment in all casinos and nightclubs.

Food: Of course in such a place the most famous is Sea Food with all its variety, you can find all the international flavors of sea food along with the local ways for cooking and serving it.

Shopping: A visit to any place is not complete without shopping for souvenirs or something that makes a person remember his trip or give things to loves ones when he gets back to his country. The best shopping choices at Sharm are leather jackets, jewelry, cotton clothes, herbs, and aromatic oils.

Where To Go in Sharm

St Catherine's Monastery: A most famous and historical landmark that lays in the heart of the Sinai desert. This place is associated with the biblical stories of Moses, and it really holds a special part for the three religions, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.
The Mount of Sinai is about 2 hours drive from the center of Sharm. The exact place of that occasion is at St. Catherine's Monastery, where there is the Sacred Well of Moses where his family lived for many years, and also the "burning bush" where it is believed that God spoke to Moses and it is the site of God's revelation of the Ten Commandments.
The monastery has some of the oldest icons in history and houses the famed Burning Bush, and it adjoins Moses Mountain and some day trips allow the opportunity of climbing the mountain. It's a World Heritage Site and well worth the visit, and it is usually a one day trip.

Sharm Old Town: It is like old towns in many cities where you can buy almost everything for daily life is called Old Market, it also comprises colorful bazaars that sell different types of souvenirs by friendly merchants in a pleasant old atmosphere.

Sharm El Maya: It is the bay area old town of Sharm El Sheikh. The picturesque bay is a natural harbour and home to many small boats. This sandy beautiful beach has a profusion of palm trees providing natural shade for the sun loungers. The old town is only a short walk away, and only recently this area has contained 5 star hotels.

Desert Safari: They are the best way to experience the mystery of Desert. It is really a special experience, you can enjoy camel and buggy safari in the dawn and witness the panoramic view of the sunrise over the mountains. You can go into a safari trip, which differs in time according to the trip you choose, you can have a trip for as many days as you like. You can drive a 4x4 jeep to the Bedouin village, in the middle of the Sinai desert and get a glimpse of their nomadic life-styles, and try to drink real herbal Bedouin tea and smoke water pipe out there. So, whether you travel in a caravan, a camel or a jeep across this desert of Sinai Peninsula, the experience is worth cherishing.

Na'ama Bay is the tourist hub of Sharm el Sheikh. A beautiful beach, luxurious resorts, fine dining options and many enjoyable activities offered make this bay the star of Sharm el Sheikh's crown.

Tiran Island located off the coast of Sharm el Sheikh is a diver's 'dream come true' and a magnificent island surrounded by sparkling clear waters which makes it the perfect venue for sailing, diving, snorkeling and such water sports.

Ras um Sid Beach is a beautiful beach in Sharm el Sheikh, even though it is always crowded, It is well known for the fan coral reefs and is famed for diving and swimming.

The National Park of Ras Mohamad is an area of exceptional natural beauty and exotic wildlife. Besides the spectacular views, tourist may see a number of birds and animals such as storks, heron, gulls, terns and the elusive desert fox.

Sharm by Night: There are casinos, discos, pubs, nightclubs, and many more places to spend night time in Sharm, as a tourist place, the city is really active at night, with shows and music at every hotel, café, and sometimes even in open areas especially during any occasions or holidays.