I did lot of research before purchasing the Sharp 37-inch AQUOS 1080p LCD Flat Panel HDTV - LC-37D64U. I was first thinking of purchasing Samsung brand since I read some reviews about it but I came to know that the Sound was not good in them and changed my plan. The design of this TV is attractive and the resolution is really good. The graphical performance and the response time of this TV were consistent which were mentioned in the reviews. After unpacking the television, I had tough time setting it up but after that it was ok. But after getting this TV, I understood that the sound quality of all LCD Tvs are quite dull and needs some extra speaker for better audibility.

The picture is stunning with blacks much deeper than other LCD TVs. The digital tuner present in my Sharp 37-inch AQUOS 1080p LCD Flat Panel HDTV - LC-37D64U pulls in all OTA broadcasts and the signal is very good like my old converter box. So, I don't have a need for separate converted box, which is built-in with the Television. Since the resolution is very high, I find it easy to connect it with my computer and made it as default display device. I have ordered for a wireless mouse and keyboard on my computer by using this TV monitor just by sleeping in my bed eight feet away from the PC. The automatic brightness control feature is superb and the gloss black bezel is beautiful for the TV. The menu items in the TV are non-intuitive and quite difficult to adjusting. I had to manually delete the unnecessary channel from the automatic scan by myself. The remote is very long and the layout is very confusing. The menu navigation buttons do not control volume and channels like usual remotes and there are around 5 unwanted buttons that make the remote difficult to use. I bought the Logitech Universal remote for using with this TV, since I did not like the one made by Sharp.

The Sharp 37-inch AQUOS 1080p LCD Flat Panel HDTV - LC-37D64U was a good replacement of my old Sony 27 inches CRT TV. I had to bring two stout men to remove my old television from the shoulder high bracket in which it was mounted. But the Sharp LCD TV was light and thin like blade and was fixed very easily. I am happy that the power consumption has reduced to one-fourth and this TV is very cost-effective. The only defect is that whatever channel change we make in remote, it takes some time to get in effect in the TV which is irritating. I purchased the Sharp 37-inch AQUOS 1080p LCD Flat Panel HDTV - LC-37D64U and I am happy with the TV expect for the remote.