One of the important aspects of owning quality hand pruners is to perform regular maintenance on them. This maintenance of hand pruners includes sharpening blades because blades that are blunt can damage the plants you are pruning.

The two different types of hand pruners should be sharpened differently. Anvil pruners contain a single blade coming down on a flat plate so the blade will need to be sharpened on both sides. Bypass pruners, on the other hand, require two blades to be sharpened but each blade only has one beveled edge so both blades will have to be sharpened on a single side each.

When you sharpen the anvil pruner blade it will be necessary to sharpen the blade on both sides because the blade is double edged like a knife.

To sharpen your hand pruned take the sharpening stone and laid just about parallel to the blade and make sure that it's on the beveled side. Place pressure on the outer edge of the blade with the file or stone file all the way around the edge in a single direction. The filing motion should always be away from you. Then lift the stone and repeat the process. Sharpening a hand pruner blade and doesn't involve going back and forth over the blade always sharpen in the one direction.

When you sharpen the blade for a short while you'll notice that it will become a little bit shiny and it'll become obvious that the blade has been sharpened with a good cutting edge.

When you see sharpening your blade it will be time to reassemble the pruner. Once the pruner's fully assembled test it to make sure that you haven't tightened the nuts too tightly and that the blades moved smoothly and passed closely to each other. Give the pruner a good oil coating the blades as well to make sure that they don't get rusty. Wipe off any excess oil and you're ready to continue with your pruning.

Sharpening Tools

There are many types of sharpening stones or files that can be used to sharpen your hand pruner. But there is one specific product that comes out of Switzerland that is considered to a premium sharpening tool. It is by a company called Istor and it is so sharpening instrument that has to precision sharpening edges that is made into an aluminum handle.

The Istor sharpening tool is suitable for sharpening many tools apart from hand pruners. Tools such as knives, scissors, spades, shovels, axes, just about anything that has a reasonable edge to it.

This sharpening tool comes in two different sizes: standard and professional. In most cases the standard sized tool will be sufficient to do all of your sharpening around the home.

Sharpening tools don't have to be expensive though. In fact a simple sharpening stone will be sufficient to do any of you sharpening particularly with hand pruner blades a few well judged strikes us along the sharpening stone will be sufficient to give your pruner are nicely honed edge.