I was watching TV the other day and saw a commercial for Sharpie pens that are specifically made for writing. The claim was that the ink did not bleed through the paper. I was very excited at hearing this as I always wished the company would start making regular writing pens. I was in town the next day so I decided to pick some up. After using them for a few days I decided to write a review. Just keep in mind that this article is about the pens, not the markers (there is a difference).

Sharpie Pens vs. Sharpie Permanent Markers

The Sharpie pens are for paper, and can't be used on just any surface (which means a no go on glossy type paper also). The permanent markers, as most people know, can be used on just about anything. In fact, I used to write on paper using the fine tipped markers but there was an enormous amount of bleed through, sometimes the ink even went through another sheet.Sharpie Pens


The quality is what you expect from Sharpie pens – which is excellent. They all seem well made and durable. They are especially perfect for those who like to write small. The ink does not bleed through to the other side of paper, but is a little lighter shade than that of Sharpie markers. It also dries very fast, so no smudges. Certain pens come in a variety of colors and shapes.

• Fine Point: Black, blue, green, orange, red, and purple colors. A nice thin pen.
• Medium Point: Black, blue, green, and red colors. Thin.
• Retractable Fine Point: Black, blue, and red colors. These are thicker and also have a soft grip along the barrel.
• Pen Grip Fine Point: Green, orange, purple, black, blue and red colors. These are thicker and have a soft grip along a large section of the barrel.


The Sharpie pens have a sampling of color on them so that you can tell what color you are using, but I found it way to small and actually had to look closely at them. I almost wish they did their pens the same way they do their markers (solid colored caps).

The "Retractable" and the "Pen Grip" pens are too fat. You can definitely feel them when you place one in your shirt pocket. I love the fact Sharpie finally made a retractable pen, but I wish it were the same size of the fine and medium point pens (or at least close to that size).

The last gripe I have about the pens is the high price. I know Sharpie products have never been cheap, but I was kind of shocked when I saw the prices. Below are a few examples from Amazon. If you find these pens at a significantly lower price then jump on them.

• Fine Point, 4 Colors, 4 Pack ($6.77)
• Pen Grip, 3 Colors, 3 Pack ($6.16)
• Retractable, Black, 2 Pack ($7.18)

The bottom line is these are great premium pens at a premium price. Can there be improvements made? Absolutely. I would find no problem recommending them if you can afford it. I often find myself using the retractable pens along with my Moleskine notebook when I go hiking.

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