Oncidium sharry baby orchids for sale online cheap

Oncidium Sharry Baby orchids are famous for their beautiful and fragrant blossoms, which can make for a really stunning oncidium arrangement. Their fragrance has been described as a mixture of vanilla and chocolate, and can fill up a whole room. Although people often have the misconceptions that orchid growing is an expensive hobby and that orchids are difficult to grow, sharry baby orchids are very easy to grow and can often be found for just a few dollars. You can buy orchids online on sites like amazon.com and Orchid Web for a range of prices. Often, the cheaper orchid plants may not be of blooming size, but because these plants are such prolific growers and bloomers, you may have beautiful oncidium orchid blooms within a year of purchase.

Sharry baby orchids for sale -

Where to buy orchids online

You can buy Sharry baby orchids online for cheap on amazon.com. On amazon, you can get these beautiful orchids for even under $10.00 from multiple sellers, although these may be seedlings that may take a year or two to bloom. You can also buy them from orchid growers such as Orchids By Hausermann or from Orchid Web. In these cases, you will pay somewhat more ($25-50), but it may be well worth it as you will get mature plants with orchid blooms on them.

Sharry baby oncidium orchid for sale cheap

Sharry baby orchid care

These Oncidium orchids can produce up to hundreds of flowers on a single spike. They key to their flowering is receiving sufficient light. Although they should not be placed in hot direct midday sunlight, which can cause black spots to appear on the leaves, sharry baby orchids enjoy plenty of diffused lighting and are quite tolerant even of relatively low light conditions. If you live in a cold climate, you can keep these orchids indoors in the cold season near an east or south facing window. You can consider supplementing natural lighting with fluorescent lights in the winter, which might help with producing more blooms. During the summer, you can put them outdoors in a brightly lit area that is shaded during the hottest part of the day.

Oncidium Sharry Baby orchids are hybrids of several orchid genera, and hence are quite tolerant of a range of temperatures. They seem to thrive at night temperatures in the range of 55 to 65 Fahrenheit, whereas daytime temperatures should be in the mid to upper 70 degrees F. They should be kept in conditions of 5o% or higher levels of humidity.

While Sharry Baby oncidium orchids can do quite well with tap water, you might get better results using distilled water, reverse osmosis water or rainwater. They like to be well watered, but do not keep these (or most other orchids) waterlogged, as this can cause rot. Water them thoroughly and then let them almost dry out before the next watering. Generally, a sign that an oncidium orchid is under watered is when the pseudobulbs start to shrivel. In this case, increase the frequency of watering. You can use an orchid fertilizer at the recommended dose (often this works out to every alternate watering.

Sharry Baby orchids grow profusely, and therefore you may need to break up the plants and repot them every 18 months or so, in the spring or fall. With a little care, it is hard to go wrong raising these beautiful and fragrant orchids. They also make the perfect orchid gift as they produce so many blooms and shoots that you can easily repot and give to friends and family. Have fun with these beautiful orchids!