Shaun White will have a line of skate shoes he helped design available this fall. Initially the Shaun White skate shoes will only be sold at Target stores but expect to see some of the Shaun White shoes to show up on Ebay. Target has previously carried a line of Shaun White inspired clothing. Adio skate shoes has had some Shaun White skate shoes but the new Skate Shoes by Shaun White will only be available at Target.

Shaun WhiteThe Shaun White Skate Shoes should start hitting Target stores around the country this August. Early drawings of the Shaun White Skate shoes should be available next month.

As with all of the shoes Target sells the Shaun White skate shoes will only be available in sizes up to 15 mens. Target historically has neglected the shoe market of larger sized feet. Since the Shaun White skate shoes will only be available at Target do not expect the Shaun White skate shoes to be as popular in the skating market with younger skaters as other brands of skating shoes are such as DC skate shoes.

Young skaters tend to be loyal customers and followers of skating celebrities but do not expect a huge skate following of Shaun White and his new skate shoes. Shaun White has been focusing on snowboarding. The young target market of the Shaun White skate shoes will not be shopping at Target. They will either buy there skate shoes at the local skate shop or at an online website such as Zappos.

The Shaun White skate shoes were announced in a press release from Target. The Press release from target about the Shaun White Shoes announces:

Target Announces Debut of Shaun White Shoes

Target athlete and Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist expands collection to include affordable footwear

MINNEAPOLIS (March 8, 2010) – Target announces today the launch of Shaun White Shoes, an exclusive collection, which will debut nationwide in early fall 2010. An expansion of Target's strong relationship with Shaun White, the line will feature skate-inspired shoes for boys and young men.

"Over the past eight years, we have had the chance to work with Shaun on a variety of different projects, including his apparel line, video game and philanthropic partnership with Target House," said Troy Michels, Target Lifestyle Marketing. "We are proud to continue this partnership with the addition of Shaun White Shoes."

The collection of shoes will be designed by Shaun in collaboration with his brother, Jesse, and will feature styles influenced by the professional skateboarder's lifestyle.

"It's been a lot of fun working with Target for the past few years on my clothing line," said Shaun. "I'm excited to have the opportunity to bring some authentic skate shoes into the mix."

Starting this fall, Target guests can find Shaun White Shoes alongside Shaun's clothing and the exclusive version of his video game, Shaun White Snowboarding, at Target stores nationwide and on

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