Most women have been shaving for awhile and know what they're doing - but they still don't always know all the facts. We're going to debunk some of the myths of shaving here.
smooth shave

  • First, many people think that shaving makes hair grow back thicker and darker. It just isn't true. When your hair grow back it may seem thicker and darker, but it's because the softer ends have been chopped off with a razor. If you were to let the hair grow out for long enough, it would be as soft as ever. (Think about a little boy with a buzz. His hair is prickly until it grows out, then it's fuzzy, then it's soft.)
  • Some people think that shaving with soap and water will give them just as much protection as shaving cream. Although some soaps with lotion in them may help cut down on shaving friction, most soap doesn't help much when it comes to protecting your skin. Some kind of shaving cream or gel will help to cut back on razor burn and nicks.
  • There is a widespread belief that shaving with a new razor will give you more cuts than one that's been dulled a little by use. This just isn't true. The origin of this myth may be that some people use their razors for too long and get used to pressing harder to get a close shave with the dull razor. (This isn't a good idea, by the way, but you can sometimes get away with it when you use dull razors.) When they get a sharp one, they are careless with it and cut themselves - something that wouldn't happen if they used smooth, careful strokes.
  • It may seem like shaving your underarms only matters when you're wearing something sleeveless. Actually, shaving there keeps you from accumulating bacteria there and cuts down on opportunites for your armpits to smell.
  • Pressing harder does not give you a closer shave. Actually, what it mostly does is make your skin more likely to get nicks and razor burn.
  • You can't shave your tan off. Many people think they're going to make their tan fade faster by shaving off those outer layers of skin - this is false. (Besides, tanning is a permanent kind of skin damage that doesn't go away even when it does fade. You really think shaving is going to kill your tan?