Shaving is a daily ritual that nearly every guy has to perform. It can be a real hassle especially when you have dry and easily irritated skin. The winter months can be plain awful for shaving. I have tried all the gels, shave creams, and different new razors. For me it doesn’t matter what the marketing says about the benefits of three blades, four blades and even five blade razors I still have problems with my face feeling horrible after a shave. 

Based on all the different  shave products out, it appears that the art of shaving isn’t as easy as they make it look on television. Different guys suffer from razor burns, dry feeling skin, leftover stubble, razors that wear out quickly, bumps and even cuts. Shaving isn’t simple hair removal after all. 

So what’s a guy to do? Well I found that using shave oil is a miracle for the face. I work part time at a Wal-Mart and saw a guy buying a bunch of bottles of shave oil called Shave Secret. He gave me the most glowing review I’ve ever heard about a product there. So I did some research on Amazon and found that the product had a bunch of positive reviews and decided to try it out. 

The bottle is pretty small, only 18.75 ml. However, a little goes a long way. You only need about 3-5 drops to have an awesome shave. You first wet your face with a little bit of water and place 3-5 drops on your palm and rub it in. Then shave as you normally would. Although it is not necessary, I use a small amount of shave cream as a guide to see where I have already shaved. I shave without it some times as well, and it still works well. 

With the gels, and creams I don’t feel like the razor is floating across my face. The razor kind of drags across the hairs and pulls them, even with a brand new blade. With shave oil it is different. It feels like it moisturizes your face right away. The razer glides across the face, and the hairs are cut like they should be. Your face feels like you put a face moisturizer on it as well. It is a great feeling. Shave secret has a nice menthol smell, that feels a bit like an aftershave . One thing I’ve noticed since using the oil is how much longer my blades last. They seem to last at least three times as long as when I use just the creams and gels. Even after the lubrication strip wears off, the blades still cut really well. With razors as expensive as they are, longer lasting blades is a great way to save money. My face also feels much smoother.  Around the scar on my chin, that was always a prime place I cut myself; I haven’t cut myself at all since using the oil. If you don’t use the shave cream with it, the sink is also a lot easier to clean. 

Oh and about that tiny bottle, it cost me less than $4, and lasted me for nearly six months only using a few drops each time. I have since bought a couple more in the last year, but it seems like a bargain to me. A smooth face, no cuts, and longer lasting blades. I’ve only tried Shave Secret, but there are many other brands of shaving oils with great positive reviews on Amazon. Maybe they won’t work the same for everyone, but I’m never switching back to gels and creams alone ever again.