The art of shaving your face perfectly can be difficult at times. Especially when you're trying to get that close, and smooth shave. Razor bumps tend to happen, when you don't prepare yourself for a nice shave. Whether you're using electric shavers, or razor blades. The face is very sensitive and shaving for beginners can be difficult at first. Those with real sensitive skin, should probably not shave everyday. Using a good shaving cream is important to protecting the face from irritation as well.

Pick a good shaving cream first. You want something that provides a lot of foam, and will help protect the skin while shaving. Razor bumps tends to come from poor shaving creams, or improper use of a razor blade. If you use electric razors, then obviously you don't need shaving cream. You should still buy a pre shave gel. Lectric shave carries one. It will help avoid irritation to the skin, and stands up stiff whiskers. Helping to provide a smoother shave for you.

First step to shaving is moisture. Those who shave with a blade. Your skin must be moist, otherwise you'll irritate the skin. Take a hot shower first, and then shave. Or wash your face with very warm water, to help provide a smoother and comfortable shave. Shaving on dry skin is an easy way to cut yourself. Moisture on the skin first. Even those who are going to use an electric shaver, should was their face first. Be sure to dry your face with a towel before shaving.

Keep your blade clean and sharp. Dull blades cause irritation to the skin. Every other month, you should replace your blades. You want a nice sharp blade, that will be quick and precise with each shave stroke. Otherwise it's much easier to cut yourself, although you do got to be careful with any blade when shaving. Less pressure on the skin, less chances for irritation. It's even best to run the blade under hot water for a few minutes, before shaving.

When you apply a shaving cream to the face, apply a thick amount of shaving cream. I wouldn't advise using butter, or some kind of lotion. Shaving creams provide better protection for the skin. Use your fingers when applying to your face, by making a circular motion. Get the neck real good as well.

Shave with gentle care. Don't go too fast, that's how you cut yourself. Shave where you have good light, and a mirror. Shave the neck first. The neck is the most difficult part to shave. The neck is extremely sensitive, and it's hard to get a real smooth shave. Tilt your had back just a little bit. Just enough where you can still get a good view of the neck. Shave against the grain. Meaning your shaving strokes should start down, and move upward. The razor should glide with the skin. Not off the skin, or in the skin. Think of it as painting, when you're shaving. Go slowly, not too face.

When you shave the face, you should go with the grain. Shaving in a downward direction. Again, go slow, not too fast. Keep running the blade in hot water, after each stroke. You want to keep the face moisturized, along with the blaze, to help provide a much more comfortable shave. Some spots are harder to get the smoothest shave. Don't worry about it.

After you're done shaving, wash your face with cold water. This will help reduce any irritation to the skin. Cold water reduces inflammation, and should be applied to face after you shave. Then use a good after shave. I'd recommend ingredients that contain vitamin E, chamomile, and aloe vera. These ingredients help protect the skin. Avoid alcohol in after shaves. I use Nivea for men after shave. It contains vitamin E and chamomile in it. No alcohol at all.

There you go, you've not discovered the art of shaving. No guy really enjoys shaving, but you'll need to do it. The ladies love a clean, smooth, and soft shaved guy. So shaving does have its good points, too.