She Told Me is one of the many bookmarking sites available on the internet. Its main theoretical purpose is to show others where the BESTEST and most WONDERFULLEST articles, pages, and information can be found online.

Reality intrudes a bit and that rosy bubble is burst when folks realize that we all just want a little backlink to our web properties. Except me, I really mean it.

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Regardless of the rather self-advertising nature of the site it is a good site to use but it also has a few drawbacks. Everyone knows if you're trying to make a few bucks writing from home, you need links. Many, many, many, and then a few more links. Social Bookmarking Sites have a couple advantages over article sites. Ok they have 1, and it's a doozy. They are quick and easy. That's pretty much the extent of why a person would choose to use a social bookmarking site over a better quality site.

Details and Stuff

You go to the site and create an account. You then will receive an email which you use to activate the account which you just created. You can put one universal URL which will appear on all of your scoops in your account information so pick your favorite.

The Good Stuff

The link from the scoop title is a dofollow link which means it has some SEO advantages. You can also put links into the content itself which are also dofollow. This is important because of one of the bad things which is coming up. To put links into the content use simple html and when your scoop is published your html will become links.

This site offers revenue sharing benefits and referral benefits. I've only ever gotten one click but hey that's 27 cents that I didn't have before.

The guy that runs the place if very good at handling customer service issues and will respond to your emails fairly quickly.

The Bad Stuff

They have a weird upcoming and archived scoops list which requires you to get a certain number of votes before you can get on. The way to get to the front page is to write a scoop, vote for it once yourself, and then hope someone else votes on it before it becomes archived. Any upcoming scoops that gets 2 votes (4 points) gets promoted and goes to the front page until other newly promoted scoops knocks it off.

The related scoops section is nofollow which is why putting your own links within the content is important. I try to create my own navigation between scoops and other sites. It does take a little bit of time but I feel that it is worth it. I normally link to at least 1 old scoop with each new one. This causes the older scoops to become more powerful as time (and links) go by.

It seems to take a couple weeks for my scoops to get indexed even if I send a strong link going into them they just sit there and stay invisible for awhile. Once they are indexed, they stay indexed. So be patient and once the scoop is indexed your good.

More of MY Opinions

I like She Told Me. It does take a little getting used to but it seems to be pretty stable and isn't too buggy.

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