Maybe this is a authoritarian statement but I believe dropping belt sizes can be straightforward. In my personal opinion, the most important issue with folks trying to shed pounds is they are eating the wrong foods. Perhaps that sounds obvious, and if it does, wouldn't the simple solution be to begin eating the right foods?

I'm guessing that individuals do not know what the right foods are due to all of the mixed messages and misinformation.

Another barrier, besides a lack of knowledge is the issue with food dependency and obsessions.

If I were to outline a diet regimen and advised that it had everything you need to be healthy and further said that you would only have to do it for 3-4 weeks to see results, most people would balk at the idea and probably not do it.

What's interesting to me though is that those same individuals would go on a prohibited diet just long enough to qualify for the weight loss surgery. You know, the surgery where they slice part of your belly out so you can't eat as much food? Unbelievable!

Seriously though, I feel that people are spreading lies when they suggest you need to eat meat to survive. I feel wholeheartedly that folks can, and should, have a diet made up generally of fruits and vegetables. Vegetables and fruit contain fat, protein, calcium and all the other nutrients that folks seem to think are not present in them.

OK, presume for a second you believe me and the countless other people that suggest fruits and vegetables contain everything your body needs to survive and thrive and you are actually ready to give it a go. Now what? What about the convenience factor of fast food? And, who really wants to eat a bunch of salads and stir fries? Well, I have a straightforward solution for you.

I will describe a diet that I suggest any one should at least try, after confirming with a naturopath doctor, for 2-4 weeks. Before beginning, get some blood work done. Test your vitamin levels ( B12, D, etc ). Check your minerals ( calcium, etc ). Test your cholesterol and anything more that is on the blood work form that makes a contribution to health. Then you'll have hard numbers to compare against, besides your weight, after the diet is done. Make sense?

Ready? Grab a blender. Get some of your favourite fruits, preferably organic. Get plenty of them including bananas, berries, mangoes, papaya, etc . Now get some greens, again, preferably organic. Get some kale, baby spinach, dandelion, parsley, dill, anything green and leafy. Get some avocados. Get some one hundred percent juice in a carton for simplicity sake. Now, whenever you feel hungry, mix 70-80% fruit in a blender with the rest greens. Just use one kind of green at a time and keep rotating them. Oh, and add some juice or water in there so it mixes less complicated. Blend until smooth and drink. Tastes great and is void of all the crap you usually eat and is also full of digestive enzymes as it hasn't been heated. Avoid the supplements too, this has everything. Eat an avocado every day or two for healthy fats. You could include some super foods in your diet if you feel the need. Popular products (and for good reason) include acai and resveratrol.

The greens mixed with the fruit will make the entire drink low glycemic, especially if you use berries. Also, you'll be very well hydrated without the need for plain water. Do not believe me? Take a look at your pee. It'll be clear all day. And you'll have the best of what the earth has to offer being easily digested into your body.

You may detoxify as your body rids itself of the gunk from the past and you start to heal. You'll see a lot of weirdness in your stool and it might be green in colour. Don't be alarmed. You are healing and shedding pounds. And it will be green of course from the greens you are eating. You may lose more than you need to initially but your body will bounce back to your ideal weight as you move forward. Best of luck to you.