Sheepskin Boots, otherwise known as Uggs or Ug Boots have become a massive fashion trend in the new Millennium. Even thought they have recently become extremely trendy Sheepskin boots have been around for a very long time.

Sheepskin boots are designed to be used as casual comfortable shoes. They are not designed to be used in strenuous activities such as hiking or athletics. The inside of sheepskin boots are lined with sheepskin fur providing the person wearing the boot comfort without having to wear socks. The insulation provided by the sheepskin makes Sheepskin boots an amazing tool for keeping your feet warm. Since Sheep wool is so thick, it allows for fantastic air circulation helping prevent unnecessary sweating.

Functional uses for Sheepskin boots

While many natives of the Artic and China have been using sheepskin to line their boots for centuries it wasn't until the 20th century before Americans caught on to the usefulness of Sheepskin boots.

Functional use of Sheepskin boots in the United States dates back as far as World War one when pilots would wear sheepskin boots while flying non-pressurized planes at high altitudes to ensure foot warmth.

Swimmers and Skiers are also well known for parading around wearing tall Sheepskin boots. I'm sure you've seen Sheepskin boots in just about any movie featuring any sort of ski resort, the picture has been painted in dozens of movies; cute little snow bunnies running around the village wearing luxurious, sexy sheepskin boots.

Tall Sheepskin BootsSheepskin Trends

So we've already gone over the functional uses for Sheepskin boots, but the reality is, fashion is what really makes sheepskin boots sell. Sheepskin boots have become so popular that companies have taken it upon themselves to make low grade artificial sheepskin knockoffs. While they still may look trendy, you lose out on the all the actual functional properties of the boots (ie: Fantastic circulation). For the last few years women have been flocking to both tall and mid-calf sheepskin boots as their winter boot of choice. Don't expect this trend to die off any time soon as countless celebrities are supporting Ugg boots and making them more and more popular.