Sheepskin Mittens can be a great Christmas gift to get for your loved ones to keep them warm. These sheepskin mittens are often made of 100% wool which is a good insulator because the fibres can trap heat easily and shield your hands from the cold. They usually have a separate thumb and the other four fingers are all contained in the same area, without any separation for each finger unlike gloves.

Sheepskin Mittens (35992)The exterior is usually made of waterproof material such as leather to prevent air and wind penetration. The amazing property of this fur is that it can provide insulation without compromising the air flow inside the mitts to prevent sweating. Wearing one would certainly protect your hands against the strong winter winds. Sheepskin mittens come in various sizes and colors so it would be easy to find a suitable one for yourself. This article looks at some of the famous brands to buy and also touches a little on a faux alternative.

Best Brands to Buy


One of the most famous brands when it comes to sheepskin mittens is Minnetonka. This brand has been around since 1946 and also produces other items such as woollen hats and boots. These Minnetonka sheepskin mittens are made of 100% sheepskin, so you can be sure that they will provide you with maximum comfort. They cater to all age groups from children to adults, so you can get these mitts for your whole family. Despite being so popular, you would be surprised they do not cost a lot of money. Minnetonka sheepskin mittens cost between $50 to $70 a pair, which is pretty affordable for the quality you are getting. Be sure to check out their latest collection!


You can also find quality sheepskin mittens from Grandoe. You can find this brand selling on Amazon at a very low price. Most of the time, you may also get free shipping on your purchase so you can save money. They are made from Grandoe's world famous sheepskin leather and lined with natural down and fibrefill to give your hands warmth and comfort. They also have a MacroCap technology which helps provide insulation at the fingertips. Prices of these sheepskin mittens range from $40 to $90 a pair for men's and women's mitts.


Bogner makes some of the best sheepskin mittens available on the market. They are slightly more expensive than the other brands but they provide value for your money because of their high quality leather used to make them. The leather is soft and supple and they are waterproof and well insulated to keep your fingers warm. This brand also features a reinforced finger and thumb so that it is easy for you to grasp items when wearing these sheepskin mittens. You can get one for around $160 online.

LL Bean

LL Bean is another brand to consider when buying sheepskin mittens. They produce a wide range of mitts including those made of goose down and also double layered ones. One range which you can consider is the Baxter State Mitts which is one of their warmest mitts. It has a rugged nylon liner and a built in TEK2 waterproof glove insert. This allows you to put each of your fingers in a separate compartment just like a glove. The mitten envelopes this glove and this design allows for maximum comfort and easy grasp of items. They are also quite reasonable priced and you can get one for around $40 on the internet.

Sheepskin Mittens for Babies

While you may not realize it, you can also get sheepskin mittens for babies. These mitts are specially designed to fit the small hand of a baby. Besides keeping them warm, wearing them also prevents the baby from scratching his or her face. Getting one for your baby and using them together with a sheepskin buggy liner when going out would protect them from the cold outside. So, if you are having a baby or know someone who is, these sheepskin mittens could be a great baby shower gift to get. They do not cost a lot and you can easily get one for around $15 to $20.

Faux Sheepskin Mittens

Some of you may have heard of faux sheepskin mittens. These mitts are very actually very similar to the real ones in terms of its outlook. They are usually cheaper compared to those 100% ones because they are made of synthetic material. While you may be tempted to purchase faux sheepskin mittens, they actually do not provide much insulation and would not protect you from the cold. Its material does not trap air under its fibres unlike the ones made from genuine wool. So, if you are thinking of protecting your hands from the cold winter winds, the one made of faux is not recommended. However, you can get this if you would just like to buy one for fashion purposes.

Finding the Right Size

Sometimes it is hard finding the right size when buying sheepskin mittens. If it is too big, it may not insulate you properly and if it is too small, wearing it would make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore it is important that you get one that fits you perfectly. Here are some tips on how to find the right size.

First, you would have to measure your hand (excluding your thumb) just below the knuckles using a measuring tape. Allow some loose space when measuring to allow room for breathing. Once you get the measurement, run it against the glove charts to find out your size. If your measurement is in between sizes, round it up to the next size available. It is more comfortable to wear a slightly larger mitt compared to a tight one. In some places, you would notice that the sheepskin mittens sizes are measured in Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large. Do not fret as there are charts to help you convert them into numeric sizes available at the stores or online. As you can see, it is very easy to find a glove that fits you perfectly.

Make Your Own Sheepskin Mittens

Some people choose to make their own sheepskin mittens to save money. They are relatively easy to make, but the warmth provided by them may not compare to the warmth that you get from commercial ones.