I have a very busy schedule and over the past few years I've tried to think of extremely thoughtful gifts that I could get for multiple people without making my gifts seem impersonal. With the help of the Internet I've managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done extremely early by buying numerous of the same gifts for unrelated people (just to make sure I don't look lazy). This year, I plan on stocking up on fabulous sheepskin mittens for the ladies in my life and sheepskin gloves for the men.

Sheepskin, unlike other furs are made very ethically. Sheepskin is a bi-product of butchering sheep for food, so you know the animals weren't killed for the sole purpose of using their fur. I will go over some of the reasons why you should get your family sheepskin mittens and gloves this Christmas.

First of all, sheepskin is one of the softest, gentlest products on the market. Comparing the inside of a pair of sheepskin mittens to anything you would find at a mall is like comparing toilet paper to sandpaper. Once you've felt how amazing sheepskin feels pressed against your skin, chances are you will be looking for other similar products for other uses around home.

Sheepskin MittensInsulation and breathability
Aside from the comfort factor with sheepskin mittens, one of the most amazing things about sheepskin products is that ships fur can breath. What this means is that oxygen flows into the gloves easily preventing your hands from sweating. Nobody wants sweaty hands when its cold out! Sheepskin also makes a wonderful insulator which ensures your hands are comfortable at any temperature.

Unless you have been living in a cave somewhere you are well aware that fur is extremely trendy right now. Whether the fur is faux or real, doesn't really matter in terms of fashion, but faux sheepskin does not provide any of the insulating or breathable benefits. Rest assured that any fashion obsessed female in your family will be more than ecstatic to receive a pair of sheepskin mittens this Christmas.

You've read this entire article and you are probably starting to wonder about the cost. Sheepskin fur is expensive right? Wrong! I've personally paid over $100 for high end snow boarding gloves before, and I was actually expecting to pay a similar sum of money for a nice set of sheepskin mittens. You can EASILY find a gorgeous pair of sheepskin mittens for under $45. Buy multiple pairs and you will often get bigger discounts!

All in all, I know I will be ordering about six pair of sheepskin mittens and gloves this Christmas, and I'm positive everybody in my family will be more than happy with my choice!