Shellac Fingernail Polish

In 2010, Creative Nail Designs put its Shellac fingernail polish on the market. The company advertisements promote this nail polish as a chip free nail polish lasting 14 days and taking no time to dry. Sounds like a dream for anyone that likes a good manicure but finds them expensive due to chips and breaks.  With the rave reviews already received, Shellac by CND is quickly positioning itself to becoming the top nail polish at salons.

What is Shellac Fingernail Polish?

CND promotes Shellac as a nail polish system and not just regular polish. CND put over four years of research into developing this product and isn’t giving away all the secrets, as there is a patent pending. Beauty tricks experts describe it as a cross between regular and gel like fingernail polish. Part of the difference is also in the system of how the nail polish gets applied. Taking only 30 minutes from start to finish, the nail technician applies the base coats and polish just like regular nail polish and uses a specially made UV light after each coat for quick drying.


With this longer lasting manicure that uses brand name products, you can expect your manicure costs to go up. Prices range from about $30 to $40.

How to Get a Shellac Fingernail Polish Manicure

Due to the unique nature of this product and specific steps that must be followed for Shellac to apply correctly, you can only get this manicure and have it removed in a nail salon by a nail technician that has received training in applying and removing Shellac fingernail polish. You can search for a Shellac salon at the CND website.

Shellac Colors

As of 2011, Shellac comes in over two dozen colors, including mother of pearl, rose bud, hot pop pink, rock royalty (purple), and black pool. But this does not limit your color selection. Nail technicians with advance training and experience can layer the colors to create any number of other colors and iridescent hues.  No matter the color you choose, even when dry the Shellac fingernail polish looks shiny and wet giving you that fresh manicure look long after you’ve left the salon.

Watch Out For Fake Shellac Manicures

The buzz, following, and increased revenue this product has had for nail salons has also led to some people getting fake Shellac manicures or manicurists taking short cuts to increase their profits. The system the manicurist must use is very specific. Layers must be put on very thin and set under the UV lamp for a specific amount of time depending on the layer. CND makes all the products needed, including the nail polish, UV lamp, and removal system. All products should say CND on them.