All About Shih Tzu Personality

Shih Tzu personality, while frequently affectionate, loyal and obedient, can also be headstrong and easily upset. As with all breeds, there can be an extraordinary amount of variance from animal to animal, with some Shih Tzu being of the best temperament, and others being significantly more difficult. A key factor that plays into making this difference is that of breeding, a dog purchased from a puppy mill will tend to have a much less consistent personality. Still, one is not likely to find an absolutely perfect Shih Tzu, regardless of where they are acquired, but this is no cause for alarm. Though dogs may have both positive and negative components to their personalities, early socialization and consistent obedience training can help to emphasize the best aspects.

Characteristics of Shih Tzu Personality

This is not to say that, regardless of how much training is given, a Shih Tzu personality will not have certain characteristics. One of the most prominent of these is Shih Tzu loyalty. The dogs absolutely adore their masters and will more often than not be found within several feet of them at all times. This propensity can unfortunately lead to jealousy if affection is given to other animals or the Shih Tzu is ignored. Owners can curb this effect by socializing the animal at an early age, which makes acceptance of other creatures easier to bear.

Shih Tzu Pets Love Everyone

Although Shih Tzu loves all people, particularly those willing to pet them, they will always show special attention to their masters. Whether walking around the house, eating breakfast or sleeping, it is likely that the Shih Tzu will be nearby. It's definitely clear that this bond is of great importance to the dogs as there have been many accounts of Shih Tzu recognizing their old masters after years of absence.

Shih Tzu Loyalty Can be Overbearing

Many people adore this tendency; however there are some that find Shih Tzu loyalty to be overbearing. If trying to work or focusing on something important, it can be distracting to have an animal vying for affection at all times. If it becomes a problem, there are several steps that can be taken, all of them requiring a solid obedience background. If the dog in question does not have this background, it is important for a great number of reasons to give it and one should undertake an obedience course immediately. If it does, curing excessive attention should be fairly simple. The dog must learn that, unless encouraged by the owner, space needs to be maintained. The first step in accomplishing this is to be sure to ignore the dog's unsolicited attempt at getting your attention. If this is not enough, and the Shih Tzu begins to become annoying, promptly issue an order to sit, and then to stay. Move away from the dog and repeat as necessary. Soon it should begin to understand that it cannot have its master's attention at any time.

Shih Tzy Loyalty can Turn to Jealousy

What began as Shih Tzu loyalty can quickly turn to Shih Tzu jealousy if left unchecked. This is particularly a problem with male dogs and female owners. Another dog trying for the affection of the master can lead to aggression. In order to prevent this, it is important to socialize Shih Tzu at a very early age so that they grow accustomed to sharing their master with other creatures. If this is not possible, it is necessary to strongly scold any aggressive behavior shown by the dog in order to suggest that it is not something that will gain affection.

Friendliness - A Shih Tzu Personality

Another major component of Shih Tzu personality is friendliness. Although they may be fiercely loyal to their masters, this does not stop them from adoring almost all others. One is not likely to effectively use a Shih Tzu as a watchdog as they are more likely to excitedly lick an intruder than bark at him. This does have advantages, though. Shih Tzu will not be found barking at mailmen or being shy around guests.

Royalty - A Shih Tzy Personality

Perhaps the most worrisome part of the Shih Tzu personality is their natural belief that they, not their human owners, are the true masters. Being of regal origin, the dogs exhibit many stereotypical characteristics of royalty, often being demanding, touchy and superior. This makes training an absolute necessity for Shih Tzu. They must be reminded early and continuously that they are not the masters of the household and that they must listen to human commands.

Shih Tzu Pets are Perfect

Shih Tzu makes excellent pets. Their loyalty and friendliness are perfectly suited to companionship while their arrogance can be easily curbed if regular obedience training is instituted. Each animal is individual, and in order to raise a happy and well adjusted dog, it is necessary to understand all facets of their personality.