I just want to say that this is one of the best salt water fishing reels that I have ever had the pleasure of using. I am a an angler that has traveled far and wide to many different areas and bodies of water. Throughout the years I have tested boat loads of equipment and have starting to gain a pretty decent grasp on what sticks. By sticks, I mean what works. The shimano thunnus is one of those fishing reels that stick by the way. Its amazing what someone can learn by simply testing deep sea fishing gear while out on the water. I waste no time reading books and magazines; I simply get out there and test stuff. There is much to say about my methods and there are some flaws in them. Nevertheless, testing gear out on the water is a great method of discovery. Checking reviews and related forums work, but will only get someone so far. By now you have more than likely figured out that I think that this reel has some really amazing features. To back this claim up, I plan on analyzing the different features and why I think that they are helpful.

The first feature of the Shimano Thunnus that can really benefit a saltwater angler is the bait runner feature. This is a new addition I believe that has a controlled drag system for fishing live bait. When fishing with live bait, a common technique among fishermen is taking a minnow and allowing it to swim about freely. This feature is amazingly helpful when fishing with minnows.

The latest innovation in the saltwater fishing world is the waterproof drag system. This mechanism is included in the thunnus as well. Moreover, it prevents saltwater from penetrating some of the reels parts and therefore increasing the life and functionality of the piece of equipment. Salt water can quickly diminish the life of a fishing reel. This is a fact folks, I have seen it myself. Sometimes, the salt water can just about put a fishing reel out of business with one use – that is, if it is not properly cared for. Almost all ocean anglers take the proper measures to care for their equipment and that usually involves washing it off with fresh water. This is one of the reasons why the Shimano Thunnus reels is one of my new favorites. I will take any bit of an edge that I can.