I remember running around outside and my parents would call me in for lunch. The level of excitement shot up whenever we had top ramen because I loved the stuff. Ramen became a staple in my life, and once I got into college the world of ramen changed for me. The varieties of ramen in the world are great, and if you have access to an asian store you will likely have access to a much larger variety of good ramen. It’s something I have at least 3 times a week, and I still greatly enjoy a good bowl of noodles.

Shin Ramyun Instant NoodlesShin Ramyun is a Korean instant ramen that is spicy and filled with loads of flavor. This is certainly one of my favorite Korean instant noodles, and is something new to experience if you are just breaking into the world of ramen. For people who can’t handle hot, don’t go near the stuff. If I use all the seasoning I am almost get myself to the point of crying, and I tend to use about ¾ of the packet whenever I have the noodles.The flavor is absolutely wonderful, and overall much more satisfying than top ramen.The noodles are much better quality than Top Ramen, and the broth is also richer and thicker. The noodles are also MSG free and if you buy it in the United States they are made in the US.

Now these noodles do come in a variety of packages, there are two flavor types of Shin Ramyun, Normal and Black. The only difference with the black Shin Ramyun is that they separate the spicy seasoning, add a third packet of beef base, and add more vegetables with dehydrated beef. This difference causes you to have a much thicker broth and overall makes it taste just a bit better. I wouldn’t say the black is worth the extra cost but you could be the judge of that. They also come in cup form or stovetop packet, which actually does have a difference. The stovetop noodles tend to be less chewy than the cup noodles due to the difference in cooking the noodles, so overall I prefer the stovetop noodles since you get more packets when buying bulk.

Overall I would say these are one of the top three Korean instant ramen noodles you can find out there. You can purchase them online at amazon, or find a local asian market that will likely carry these noodles. Here in Washington I go to H mart and purchase noodles from there. Just eating the ramen alone isn’t very nutritious, so adding fresh vegetables, and popping an egg into the ramen while it is cooking will overall make the meal healthier, and also more filling.

What ramen do you absolutely love?

Nongshim Shin Ramyun Black Noodle Soup, 4.58 Ounce Packages (Pack of 18)
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