Are you a regular eBay vendor? If you sell more than a couple things a week then you are running a real business and any real business know it must do all it can to reduce expenses. Here is a way to trim a little bit off of your shipping expenses.

Things You Will Need

b-fluteItems you will need to implement the b-flute shipping method. By the way this method is the absolute best way of making book mailers inexpensively.
Heavy Scissors
Cutting Board
Heavy Gauge Stapler and Staples
Plastic Wrap
Tape Gun and Tape

Step 1

This will work for any small item. It is especially good for delicate items as it keeps them secure in the package. I will use a book for the example for simplicity.
Take you book and measure out the b-flute so that it wraps around twice. Take the item or book, wrap it in the plastic wrap (best to buy it at Costco). Wrap the book with your b0flute and cut to size. Clamp it down so that you can apply the tape across the seem. Remove the clamp and staple the ends shut. Use your home PC to print out the address. I use the cutting board for this to give it a nice clean edge. Use the tape gun again to apply the shipping address to the package.package clamp
Imagine trimming your packaging costs by half. Once you make the initial investment making these corrugated mailers will save you money every time you ship something. It may not always be easy to increase revenue but if you look hard, cutting expenses can be relatively easy.

Tips & Warnings

Some benefits to using this system other than costs include the security of knowing your item will arrive safely. I've ordered a lot of items off of the Internet. Many arrived quite nicely packed but a few arrived in simple bubble mailers. The problem with these envelopes is that the merchandise slips and slides inside the package. In the case of books this is what causes the bumps you get on the corners. Now if you collect books, as I do, it means having to return the item. Something neither buyer nor seller wants to do. If b-flute packaging was used not only would the item arrive safely (and waterproofed) but the seller would actually save a few dollars (over time).