If you are shipping a small package, a flat rate priority envelope is a great choice. And if you are sending your package domestically (within the United States), then it will cost 4.95$. You can stuff this envelope full as It has no shape or weight limit, it will always cost 4.95$ as long as you can seal the envelope up. If you are sending internationally, Canada and Mexico will be a little over 10 dollars, all other countries are a couple of dollars more and up. You can look up the exact price at http://www.usps.com.

If you would like to send a small or large, odd-shaped package, then parcel post is a good option for you. The prices vary according to weight, size, and shape, there may also be a surcharge for packages over 35 lbs., or if they are a certain shape.

If you want to send your packages priority (arrives within 2-3 days), try a flat-rate box! You can get these in various sizes, and shapes, all are forms of a rectangle though. No matter what weight or shape of your contents, as long as you can fit it into one of these flat rate boxes without distorting the box-you can save quite a bit of money!

Need your package to arrive tomorrow? Then express mail is what you need, it is available for delivery every day of the year even holidays and Sundays! You can also find out the guaranteed delivery time so that you can notify your recipient, and a signature of delivery is included.

Any of these packages can be sent out Monday through Saturday, and express mail is the only service that delivers 365 days a year. Shipping through the USPS is the only way that you will be able to get your package to a P.O. box, mailbox, or mail slot. Along with these services you can include other services such as, delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, insurance (in case of damage), and many other options. Your local post office can help you find the best shipping method, or you can visit http://www.usps.com to research for yourself!!