Shirley interviewing  designer Jon Goldstein and actor Bryon Cranston - Photo by JKL Photography courtesy of Shirley Bovshow As always, our glamorous media maven, Shirley Bovshow, is on top of the latest developments in the world of landscape gardening. Shirley, a talented garden designer herself, made sure the big event launching the new Hollywood version of the highly-esteemed Garden Design Magazine was given its proper coverage.

The event attracted movie and TV celebrities, top garden designers, photographers, landscape experts and garden authors and journalists. It was hosted by Rolling Greens on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, where the layout of fine-quality, artistic home and garden supplies and decor painted a perfect backdrop for the celebration.

Shirley and her talented team of photographers mingled with all the guests and the staff of the parent magazine Garden Design -- all flown in from Florida for the event. The results of Shirley's efforts will be televised on your computer on her upcoming online show, "The Garden World Report". Shirley covers all the news and the most interesting information cropping up all over the world in "The Garden World Report". So check it out for the latest on the new Hollywood Garden Design Magazine rollout -- and for all kinds of information for novices and experts alike in the world of gardening.

In the meantime, here's a rough little video taken at the Rolling Greens magazine launch of Shirley, hard at work doing her own video:

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For additional coverage, check the Rolling Greens hosts "Hollywood Garden Design Magazine"