Learn How To Design Shoes

Shoe design is a specialty sub-branch of fashion design and, in order to work as a footwear designer, one has to acquire an associate's degree. The skills necessary for this profession is awarded after attending shoe design classes. These online design courses aim at presenting technical and creative procedures to create footwear, but also to develop business skills for marketing the products of shoe designers' work.

Most of the classes are developed within fashion merchandising schools. These programs usually take two years to complete so that one can earn an associate's degree. As said earlier, both creative and business sides of fashion industry are explored in the contents of the coursework. Creative fashion design, collection development, and fashion merchandising strategies are approached as subjects by students of both online courses and in traditional school settings. One of the fundamental methods used to acquire skills in this field is the use of computer-aided drafting software or CAD.  Mastering the use of CAD software is critical for designers in most fields. The graduates from a shoe design program are prepared for several careers such as line builder, product manager or proper shoe designer, even starting your own footwear business as a designer and creating your own brand and label.

How To Design ShoesCareer As A Shoe Designer

Briefly, the career of shoe designer requires an associate/bachelor degree and experience in this domain. Therefore, this profession, although it may seem one of fantasy and imagination solely, is based on thorough educational training. Complex knowledge on footwear fashion trends, ornamentation, fabrics is needed and four-year degree programs best cover the students need to learn how to create and market their own shoes and footwear. While designing does of course involve creativity and imagination, basic fundamental skills must be learned.  At a basic level, the field of design is one which is based on skills and knowledge that must be applied whether you are designing shoes, the most comfortable office chair or environmentally friendly packaging. Hence, a master's degree comprehensively completes a person's expertise if aiming at success. 

Depending on the focus of the fashion merchandising degree program, each student chooses classes as core or elective ones. In the majority of cases, these types of courses are considered secondary in importance relative to proper fashion design programs.  There are traditional fashion merchandising schools as well as accredited schools and footwear design courses online.  Online courses are becoming increasingly popular options for a wide range of disciplines and there a number of fashion merchandising schools online offering shoe design classes and numerous other courses.

The starting level is represented by a shoe design course introducing the evolution of shoe styles and the trends in the course of time, corresponding to each major historic period. Fundamental notions of basic sketching, pattern-making and shoe construction are taught through the coursework. These are compulsory in order to pass into the subsequent shoe design classes and create fashionable shoes for women and men.

Below there are the presentations of the main design courses included in shoe design programs.

The first is related to sketching for shoe design. Its main purpose is to teach the students how to render their ideas on the paper. The students get acquainted with techniques of proper proportion drawing, sketching fundamentals and technical drawing and rendering. These notions are mandatory in order to create feasible sketches. They also familiarize with computer-aided design applications.

Pattern-making for shoe design classes follows the above mentioned one. It uses the already acquired knowledge to develop skills in transposing 2D images in a 3D format. The coursework is based on activities of manual drafting the patterns created on paper. These involve using the computer to practice the skills of constructing patterns which follow industry-standardized sketches.

Subsequent to the contents of the previous shoe design course, sewing for shoe design course is also a hands-on type of educational program. Students drill on machine- sewing samples of sketches and patterns. This workshop activity gives students the chance to manipulate industrial sewing machines and various types of materials.

Last, but not least, business and marketing strategies for design classes completes the educational cycle. The contents of this class are related to marketing strategies that are helpful for general product development and workflow in the fashion industry.  Learning how to design shoes is not enough - you must also know how to market your creations if your intention is develop a reputation as a designer and sell your own products.

All these shoe design classes rally to offer the basis for a successful career. It is the student's determination and creativity that makes the difference but, without the proper technical support and training, it's difficult to succeed. 

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