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Shoe Horn: Shoe horn as a Gift Idea

You have been thinking of a great gift idea but you don't know what to give. Help is finally here. Have you thought about giving a shoe horn or shoe horn as a gift. The great thing about giving a shoe horn as a gift is that it will definitely be used. Don't you just hate it when you buying a gift and the person never bother to use it? Why can you be so sure that shoe horns as gift idea will be used? Well everyone wears shoes on a daily basis. Men mostly wear closed shoes hence a shoe horn will be a great gift. The only time you should a shoe horn will not be a great gift idea is when the person has no shoes or if the person has no feet. Giving such a person a shoe horn will be a cruel joke.

What types of shoe horns are available?

Shoe horns come in all shapes and sizes. There are shoe horns made out of wood, metal and plastic. There are small and long shoe horns. There are designer shoe horns and there are shoe horns that you get for free at some shoe shops. These free shoe horns are not great gift ideas because the quality is general not that great. They are often made of plastic and will easily break.

Why are shoe horns called shoe horns?

Apparently a long time ago, shoe horns were made out of animal horns hence, the name shoe horns. Did you expect to get a more elaborate explanation? Sorry to disappoint you. There are some things in life that don't have such an elaborate beginning.

Choosing the best shoe horns for great gift

The best shoe horns for a great gift will depend on the person for which you want to buy the gift. For example, if the shoe horn gift is destined for someone big (aka obese or fat), you will be better off buying a long shoe horn. These types of shoe horns make it possible to reach and easily put on your shoes without being a contortionist. The long shoe horn might be a great gift idea for elderly people who might find it difficult to bend over. The long shoe horn can also be a great gift idea for the rest of the lazy population. The smaller shoe horns are better if you travel and want to take them with you.

Shoe horns gift idea choosing between metal, wood, and plastic

Which is the best to buy, a metal shoe horn or a wooden or plastic shoe horn? What might help with choosing this great gift idea will be the finished product. How does the finished shoe horn look like? The best looking shoe horns are the Aluminum or the pure wooden shoe horns. They are more expensive but you don't want to give a cheap gift either.

How much do you have to pay for the Aluminum or Wooden shoe horns?

You can get a Rosewood wooden shoe horn for about $25. The Aluminum shoe horns are about $30. If you really want to take it to town, you can buy a real horn shoe horn for about $40. With any of these options, you know you are going to buy a gift that will be used and that will be money well spent. If you really want to impress someone, you can buy the designer Alligator leather shoe horn buy Ralph Lauren. That will be about $500. You will have to work extra shift but at least you are paying for the designer label.