If you want to appear taller without buying heels you can get shoe inserts for height.

These inserts are designed to fit right into your own shoe, giving you that extra lift you are looking for.  Whether you want to appear an inch taller or more, adding shoe inserts is a great option if you don’t like the idea of wearing high heels or having to purchase new shoes. 

As long as your shoes have a good regular back on them and fit you well, then you can simply insert these “lifts” into your shoe, this will gently raise the back of your foot with a slight incline with this wedge shaped insert.

No one will ever guess that you are wearing them, and they will see that you are standing taller somehow, or that there is something different about you.shoe inserts for height

You can get shoe inserts for height that will give you up to 2 inches of extra height using your regular shoes.  This may just give you that extra confidence boost you are looking for.

Height Increase Elevator Shoes Insole for Men - 5 cm (approximately 2 inches) Taller

These are made out of soft and yet firm and supportive materials and can be trimmed to fit your shoes.  Once you do insert these in your shoes, walk around and get used to them.  You will be surprised at just how comfortable they are, and now you are instantly taller.

You can get these for men and women’s shoes and they come in different height options and styles depending on your shoes.

If you have a great collection of shoes that you don’t want to start replacing with obvious heels or elevator shoes, then consider adding a shoe insert for height.  This way no one will know that you are trying to add height, as these are the same shoes you always wear.

You can get these shoe inserts from some shoe stores, and also department stores, but some of the best variety of shoe inserts for height, or whatever other type of insole you may be looking for, can be found online at such sites as Amazon.

If you feel adding an inch or two to your height will make you feel better, then consider investing in this style of shoe inserts.  You can put these into everything from your dress shoes, to your work shoes to your sneakers.  There is a gradual incline so as not to hurt your back.  It is usually ½ inch in the front of the foot, up to the one or two inches at the back of the foot. 

They do not make your feet sweat, and your feet will not slip out of your shoes.  They have been designed to add height without anyone noticing.

So, if you want to add a couple of inches of height to make yourself feel more confident, or to look good in that suit, then before you start buying shoes with thick heels or elevator shoes, consider the shoe insert for height first, and save yourself the bother and expense of having to buy new shoes.  Also see Heel Inserts for Loose Shoes to help with blisters.