Are You Obsessed with Shoes?

An obsession with shoes, designer shoes, any type of shoes is something many women will relate to. And some men! Shoes are such a brilliant accessory for many women and therefore the time taken and money spent on them can be huge.


SOD (Shoe Obsession Disorder) has been a common term for many years. It is a topic joked about in movies and songs, often with women self diagnosing. They know they have a shoe obsession but are reluctant to do anything about it. As women gain more independence and have more disposable income, shoes and other fashions are their treats. Some might say a weakness; others view it as an investment. The money spent on shoes can run into thousands for many women. The appeal for designer shoes is growing larger and both men and women are taking pride in their appearance.  Most of the time, it’s all a bit of fun. Sometimes this ‘fun’ shoe obsession can become more serious, if you spend money you don’t have or find that you get stressed about shoes.


If the words ‘shoes on sale’ make your heart skip a beat then you probably have SOD (Shoe Obsession Disorder). Stilettos, wedges, open toes, closed toes... it does not really matter if you have a show obsession. The draw to shoes rather than other fashions or accessories are that you can buy shoes in all price ranges, and a pair of shoes can be versatile and worn with different outfits. For example wear a pair of jeans with simple flats and you look casual. But, if you wear jeans with sparkling black heels, or pink wedges then your outfit and your total appearance can change.


Many women enjoy the buzz they get when buying something new. Shoes are great as they can make you feel good. Women like wearing heels as it makes them taller, more powerful, attractive and in control. Shoes can also make you feel good as you often share and borrow shoes with other women.  Your shoes may be on display in a shoe rack for example and this viewing of the shoes can release endorphins that make you feel good.


SO the next time you judge someone for their shoe obsession or feel bad about your shoe obsession, take a step back and realise that unless it is really affecting your life in a negative way, enjoy it! It’s your treat.