Shoes are difficult to organize and they tend to pile up around the house, especially by the door and in the bedroom closet. The first thing you can do to help with organizing your footwear is to put them away as soon as you take them off. Do not just kick them off as soon as you walk in the door. The next thing you can do is to find a good place to store your footwear. You cannot put away your shoes unless you have a place to put them.

Once you have found a place to store them, you will need a shoe organizer to organize them in that location. There are a lot of places to store your footwear. Some good places for storing them include in a cupboard, in a closet, under a bench, on a shoe tree tree, under your bed or in a cabinet. By storing them in the same place every time, you will always be able to find a pair to wear. Your footwear will last much longer and will keep their shape when they are organized. Your favorite pair will not be crunched under a huge pile of boots. When stored in a cupboard they will stay dust free and they will keep looking cleaner. You will also be able to see when they are dirt and need to be washed. Here are a few methods of storing your footwear:

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Craftsman Storage Bench with Open Shoe Storage1. Store the shoes in a shoe chest or a shoe cupboard. Shoe cupboards contain many cubbie holes that you can place your shoes in. The cupboard can be placed on the ground or they can be installed onto a wall. They use up very little space. The are not deep so they can fit in the back of a closet or under a bench in the entry. Some cupboards have doors that close to keep the shoes protected from dust and dirt while other cupboards have a clear rubber cover that can zip closed. This way, you can still see your shoes but they are still kept protected. The shoe chest is very similar to the shoe cupboard. A shoe chest is a large box that looks like a chest. It opens and inside is a few slots for shoes. They do not hold many shoes so it is a good storage solution for the front door if you wear the same one or two shoes out of the house.

2. An under the bed organizer is a great way to store shoes in your bedroom. They look very much like a shoe cupboard but they are thinner to fit under the bed. These organizers can store twelve pairs of shoes. The shoes are protected by a plastic sheet that can sip up to keep the dust away from the shoes. They are the perfect size to slip under the bed and can be pulled out when you need a pair of shoes. Because they are so thin, you can even fit more than one organizer under the bed. This is the perfect solution if you own a lot of shoes.

3. Shoe racks are a good organizing solution for inside a closet. Shoe racks are available in may different models and can even be customized for your closet. Standard shoe racks can be stacked and placed side-by-side to fit your entire shoe collection. One shoe rack can hold up to fifty pairs of . Double the rack and you have storage for a hundred footwear. Of course, there is some assembly required but as long as you follow the instructions, there should be no problems.

4. A shoe trolley is also a good storage option for under the bed. It is pretty much a tray on wheels and can store twelve pairs of shoes. They are easier to use than under the bed shoe racks. When you need a pair of shoes, just grab the handle and pull it out. Super easy to use! The shoes will not be protected so you might not want to use it for long-term shoe storage.

Craftsman Shoe Storage with Doors5.A shoe tree is a good way to store shoes by the front door. A shoe tree is not an actual tree that grows shoes. Shoe trees are placed in a corner of the room. They are a wooden or metal pole that runs from the floor to the ceiling. Shoes can be hung on the pole and the pole can twirl so you can find the shoes you are looking for. There is usually a storage bench or rack at the bottom of the tree so you can store extra items such as polishing equipment, scarves, socks and mittens. Just like with shoe racks, assembly is required with a shoe tree.

6. A shoe cabinet is similar to a shoe cupboard. A shoe cabinet is larger and looks like an actual piece of furniture. They have two large doors that open and inside, you will find shelves that can hold six pairs of shoes per shelf. One cabinet can hold as much as thirty six pairs of shoes.

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After you have decided on what type of shoe storage you want to use, you can start to think about how you want to sort your shoes in the storage space. Below are a few ways you can sort your shoes:

1. You can sort your shoes by seasonal. In the summer, you can keep your winter shoes under the bed and the summer shoes can be stored near the door. After the summer, you can switch out the summer shoes for the winter shoes. They will have been kept safe under the bed all summer.

2. You can sort your shoes by color. If you use a shoe rack to store your shoes, store your blue shoes on one row, your black shoes on another row and your red shoes on a third row. If you use under the bed storage, do it the same way. It will make it easier to choose a pair of shoes that match your outfit. If you need a pair of shoes to match a black dress, you can just look at the row of shoes that are black.

3. Finally, you can sort your shoes by style or make. For example, keep your tennis shoes and flip flops by the door. Keep your dress shoes in your closet. Shoes that are not used very often can be stored under the bed. These would be boots, hiking shoes, and swim shoes.

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It will be a lot easier to find what you are looking for when you know where to find it. There are a variety of organizers avaialable to help you sort through and organize your shoe collection. You will save a lot of time having an organized shoe collection. You will no longer have to search the entire house for your favorite pairs of shoes. Start organizing your collection today by putting away your shoes right when you walk into the house.