If you love shoes, but want a change, have you considered shoe paint?  Every wondered how to paint shoes to look really cool for back to school this year?

There are some great paints on the market now that are designed to paint leather, canvas shoes and even boots.  Paints that will not rub off, will stay on for the life of the shoe (with reasonable wear) and are simply fun to do.

If back to school this year is hard on your budget, but you want to head back with something a little different, then consider painting your shoes.

If you happen to have a pair of shoes that are still in good condition, and still fit well from last school year, or maybe you are not even heading back to school, but are looking for something different for your footwear, then consider extending the life of the shoes with shoe paint. 

A great way to have new shoes but without the sticker shock associated with shopping for them!  You can purchase these kids in many art stores, but some shoe stores are starting to carry them now too and you can get them online at sites such as Amazon.

How to Paint Shoes? - You simply take your shoe, and you clean it very well, and take out the laces if there are any. (These paints work really well on canvas or leather sneakers too!) The trick is to have the shoes squeaky clean, and then make sure you have taken the time to layout some kind of pattern or additions you want to make to the shoe. Shoe Paint

Maybe you just want a simple design on both shoes, or maybe you want something that will make a statement and that everyone will really notice.

The best way to do this is to lay it out on paper.  Take a tracing of the shoe onto the paper and then try some design ideas using coloured pencil crayons or markers.  Once you are sure about your design, then open the paints, and let each layer of paint dry well before adding another colour on top.

If you can go without these shoes for a day or two, it would be best, so you can really create your wearable art.

The paint sets quickly and the colours are very bright and funky.  This is a great way to take a plain pair of white sneakers and dress them up, or better yet, take those sneakers that just are not looking so white anymore, and therefore had been banished to the back of the closet out, and put some new life back into them with a great original piece of wearable art.

This is a great way to stretch your back to school budget and yet look like you hShoe Paint Kitsave something new to start the year off with. 

The Sneaker Customization Kit

Think of this as recycling.  Rather than having decent pairs of sneakers and shoes in the back of the closet because they lost their lustre or got simply boring, take them out and give them a new lease on life. 

Now you will look like you own a few pairs of shoes.  You can come up with your own designs, or you can get books with some great designs in them to get you started.

Have fun, and show off your creativity by using shoe paint on those boring old sneakers. You can also take a good look at some of your school supplies and see if you can't salvage them and get creative with binder cover ideas, revamping your backpack and even using reusable sandwich wraps to save money and the enviroment!