Your choice of shoes reflects your social standing, so it's important that your shoes are always clean and shiny. To achieve this you should have a high quality shoe polisher.  The average shoe shine kit contains a horsehair brush; shoe polish in any form such as cream, paste, wax or liquid, cloth; and conditioner which is optional. However, consider the color and type of your shoes before applying shoe polish, as you cannot apply colored polish to white shoes, and certain polish colors will  look odd even on dark colored shoes.

There are many advantages of having a complete set of shoe cleaning materials. You can easily put a shoe cleaning cloth in your pocket or purse and use it anywhere or anytime your shoes get dirty. A lot of people prefer to use liquid cleaners as they are the fastest way to achieve a clean, glossy look on your shoes. You just spray and whipe and voila! However, many people use cream based shoe cleaners and polishers because these give long-lasting shine and protect your shoes from dirt, mud and other detrius.

There are some shoe polishers that are designed exclusively for white shoes, as well as for leather and suede shoes. It is important to know the material or type of your shoes before applying polish. The price varies from $2 to $80 depending on the type and amount of shoe polisher you need, and you can easily shop online and compare prices before hitting the checkout button.

Most shoe polishers are very affortable and easy to use, and you do not need to buy separate expensive tools for cleaning your shoes. All you need are the basic and right tools to sustain your shoes performance and quality. Just imagine how much you can save if you stop paying for people who shine shoes. You can buy other important things with the extra money while still having glossy and new-look shoes.

The best way to keep your shoes looking high quality is to polish them as needed: Before important business functions, weddings, family reunions, job interviews etc.  Any place where you need to look your best it's important to have your shoes shined up nicely to make the best possible impression.  Nothing throws off the look of an outfit like shoes that don't match (or aren't clean!)