A shoe scraper is a must-have item that you put near your door to remove dirt, mud, grass and the like from your shoes or boots before entering your clean house. Shoes scrapers are usually made of concrete or cast iron, with nylon for the bristles. The three types that you can get are one with brushes for removing light dirt - with replaceable bristles when needed, a shoe scraper that can remove heavy mud or one with both features. There are many options to choose from so make sure to assess what type you really need before getting one online or locally.

A lot of homes have this shoes scrapers, but they are particularly popular with families that love outdoor activities and are often out of the house. Shoe scrapers are an idea way to ensure that family and friends don't track dirt or mud onto expensive carpets after an outdoor excursion. 

A shoe scraper can be painted, designed with mosaics, and otherwise decorated.  This can turn an ordinary, mundane object into an interesting design piece by your front door.  They tend to go nicely with wooden shoe holders and other shoe cubbies.  This way you can keep your shoes both clean and organized. You can buy a long shoe scraper so that each member of your family can do the cleaning all at once. The prices vary from $10 to $170, unless you're the do-it-yourself type in which case you can probably find all the necessary supplies for under $10.

Shoe scrapers are easy to clean it as all you need is water and a cloth or towel. If it is convenient, you can spray your shoe scraper with a hose outside and let it dry there.

A shoe scraper is very helpful to prolong your shoe's lifespan by keeping them clean.  All in all, a very handy piece of equipment to have around the house.