Why Have Shoe Storage Benches? So, you come home after a long day, and you open the door and you instantly trip over all the shoes by the door. The kids have just kicked them off, and off they went. You tell them to put their shoes in the closet, but it is already full of other stuff, so why not consider shoe storage benches?

If you could also use a place to sit, while you are putting on your shoes, then these are a great idea for you. This particular shoe storage bench, also has a comfy leather top, and lots of cubbies for those shoes to fit.

Trying to find economical and creative storage at the doorway or hall, can be hard. Kids comeshe storage benches home and throw coats, backpacks and shoes all over. Maybe you have been lucky, and managed to get them some hooks for hanging their jackets on, but the shoes, just seem to never go away. My kids used to aim their shoes at the closet, kick, and they would bounce off the back wall of the closet and disappear into no where land! They would always have a hard time finding the pair together! Craftsman 42"w Storage Bench With Open Shoe Storage - Brown Leather, BROWN LEATHER, LIGHT OAK (pictured)

Plus they seem to multiply! There are track shoes, and running shoes, and then those ballet shoes for class. They all seem to be at the front door. So, finding shoe storage benches may be a good idea for you.

There are many styles on the market. You can get shoe storage benches like the one pictured, with cubbies for your shoes, or you can get storage benches that basically have simple shelves to put the shoes on.

If your kids don't use this all the time, you can at least have a place for those shoes that are not needed every day. This way everyone knows where they are. So, if they don't need their track shoes until Thursday, then they can stay in the shoe storage benches.

Indoor storage benches are functional pieces of furniture. They serve a couple of great purposes, and that is to store your stuff, and to sit on for extra seating in the rest of the house, or a place to sit while you put on your shoes at the door. You could have one in each room, if you are looking for extra storage.

When it comes to shoe storage benches, it all depends on how big the area is near your door, and just how many pairs of shoes need to be stored. You can purchase these at many furniture stores. But if you look online you can find more variety. There are trendy, chic and cool shoe storage benches, that are not only functional, but will go with your decor.

You can get painted ones with bright colors, or you can get wood shoe storage benches, that are good pieces of furniture. You can get them with a cushioned seat, or just the plain wood. It all depends on your needs when it comes to storage, especially shoe storage.

So, take a look online. You can get these shoe storage benches online at Amazon. That is a good place to start looking.

Just think how clean your hall will look with the shoes are stored away. You can come home from work, without the fear of falling or tripping over those ever growing piles of shoes. This way, when they store them, they will have to pair them up. This will stop that "I can't find my other shoe" thing first thing in the morning!

Plus maybe it is time to go through your shoe collection. It could be time to let a few pair go, and then go shopping for some new ones! Consider shoe storage benches, as a great way to clear the doorway, and look great.

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