A shoe stretcher is an insert that can be placed inside of the shoe when it is not being worn to stretch out the shoe. Certain materials which shoes are often made of are hard to break in when they are a new shoe. These shoes, such as business shoes can be rather stiff upon the first time wearing them and still shoes can cause blisters and pain. Sometimes, on a hot day, the size of our feet can expand, leaving very little space between our feet and the shoe, which can also become very uncomfortable to walk in and wear. Leaving shoe stretchers in a pair of shoes for around a day can really help to stretch out the shoe and make them more comfortable for the wearer. After a length of time stretching the shoe, the shoe should be much roomier and allow your feet to fit into them nicely for more comfort when walking and wearing.

There are all different types of shoes such as women's high heels, men's business shoes, and loafers. Therefore, there are different types of stretchers made for these different types of shoes. Certain materials stretch easily with shoe stretchers such as leather and other natural materials. Other unnatural materials do not stretch as well with shoe stretchers, so typically leather shoes and shoes made of natural materials are the types of shoes that shoe stretchers work the best with. Loafer

If you find that you have just bought a new pair of shoes and they fit too tightly, or if you find a pair of shoes that you love but you don't quite fit in the smaller size, but the larger size is too big, you can use shoe stretchers to make the shoe more relaxed and fit your foot better. Shoe stretchers can be found at most shoe stores where you can buy leather business shoes and the types of shoes that call for stretchers. Also, try finding shoe stretchers at the local shoe cobbler.

Shoe stretchers are sold in a pair, or separately, with a left and right shoe stretcher. Some shoe stretchers are made to only stretch out the width of the shoe, while others can stretch the vamp, the width, and the length of the shoe. The stretcher will usually come with directions, and you can follow these directions and immediately start to stretch out your shoes to get a more comfortable fit. Stretchers shouldn't really be left in for longer than a day because if they are, the shoe can widen out too far and become uncomfortable because they are too wide instead of too tight a fit. Shoe stretchers usually come with a topical solution or liquid which can be applied to the shoe and will help the material to stretch out. The stretcher is then placed inside of the shoe, and the knob that can be found on the back of the stretcher is turned until the stretcher has widened the shoe to your width preferences.