Taking care of your shoes can be effortless if you have the right cleaning tools. It is important to have the right shoe brushes for your shoe type. Some people prefer to buy high quality shoes, so they can use them for a long time, and they need to clean them regularly. Other people choose cheaper options, but they might spend more in the long run if they're constantly replacing worn out shoes. It is not enough to wipe and polish your shoes with a cloth; you need to use a brush to completely remove stains, dirt and to maintain their quality. Having clean, brushed shoes will give a tidy look to your outfit.


There are many types of shoe brushes; however the two essential brushes that you need are shoe polish brushes and shoeshine brushes. The shoe polish brush has a rounded head and is used to apply polish on your shoes. If most of your shoes are black or dark colored, choose a brush that has dark haired bristles. A shoeshine brush has a rectangular shape and is used to remove any dirt and grime, and is therefore used before polishing the shoes. It is usually made from horse hair, and is usually 6.75 inches to 8.25 inches long. If you want to have shiny shoes, use brushes that have light colored bristles. Prices vary from $2.99 to $24.99, so you do not need to buy expensive shoe brushes to keep your favorite shoes neat.

The best technique of brushing your shoes is to put your hand inside the shoe for full support and brush it with smooth strokes. Do not brush too hard, as the brush may scratch or peel off the shoe skin. Once brushed, you will appreciate the look of your shoes. Using the wrong type of brushes may damage your shoes’ surface, change their color or scratch them.  Using the right brushes can maintain the quality and extend the life of your favorite shoes, so make sure to choose the right brush for your shoes.

If you use shoe brushes correctly, it will bring back the luster of your shoes. This is why shoe brushes are a common accessory picked up along with a shoe purchase.  There are many fine shoe brushes online, all you need to do is select a well-known manufacturer so that you get the best possible quality brushes.