How to Shoot a Basketball like a Pro

The thrill of that high paced, high scoring, physically and mentally challenging game of basketball. There is nothing better. Everyone knows how to play, there are basketball courts everywhere, and its a great way to stay in shape. One key element to the game of basketball is shooting. How do you properly shoot a basketball? Let me go into some detail about how to have that perfect form and gret release to develop a good looking jumpshot:

Step 1:

Hold your arm straight out with the basketball on your fingertips. Do not overthinkthis step, it is as simple as it sounds.

Step 2:

Without moving your elbow, bend your arm and bring the basketball back towards your head to where it feels comfortable to you. Place your other hand on the side of the ball to keep it balanced on the shooting hand. Some people shoot with the ball fairly high above there head, some shoot off to the right or left a little more, find what is comfortable and most suitable for you. (Hint: As you get older and stonger, try to raise the the ball higher when getting into shooting position beccause this makes your shot harder to block by the defender.)

Step 3:

Line your shooting elbow up straight with the leg of the same side of your shooting hand. The leg and foot of the shooting hand should all be in a straight line and also slightly ahead of the alternate foot and leg for better shooting accuracy.

Step 4:

Square up to the rim of the hoop.

Step 5:

When getting ready to release and actually shoot the ball, look at your target and aim for the center of the rim. When releasing the ball, in a fluid motion bend your knees and jump straight up extending your shooting arm out and up as if "reaching into a cookie jar." Snap your wrist to contribut backspin to the basketball and release at the height of your jump, following through leaving your arm extended.

Step 6:

Repetition. Go outside and whether your new to the game or just trying to get back to basics, the key to the jump shot is muscle memory. Doing the same thing over and over again to the point where you don't have to think about it anymore. It will begin to feel comfortable and natural coming out of your hand, and consistency and accuracy will come with this practice.