Quality hearing protection headphones are a critical item to bring to the shooting range. Here is a hearing protection headphones guide for shooting enthusiasts.
shooting hearing protection
Shooting hearing safety

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Shooting hearing protection

A big issue that people can run into when they use heavy duty headphones is the lack of comfort. The ears can feel jammed in, sweaty, and actually hurt after prolonged use with poor quality hearing protection headphones. There are some important factors to consider to meet your hearing protection needs.

Here is a helpful list of hearing protection headphones that Amazon offers. As you can see there is are several styles of headphones to choose from. There are a few things to keep in mind that can be easily overlooked.

First and foremost you should consider the type of shooting that you perform. As well as the size of the gun barrel. These two elements will determine the ear cup size that is going to be the most functional for you at the shooting range. The wide, deeply inset ear cup is going to offer the greatest amount of decibel reduction. Although it could impede the placement of the gun barrel on your shoulder. Shotgun shooting is not as easy with the full ear cup. A more shallow style ear cup will require you to compromise some decibel reduction for the added versatility.

Shooters can be superstitious about their hats and glasses. This is another element to consider when shopping for shooting hearing protection headphones. If your lucky hat is going to be worn every time you shoot. You may want to look into hearing protection headphones that offer a behind the neck style band. It may not seem like much but it can be uncomfortable to have your hat jammed under your headphones at the shooting range. If you wear glasses consider going with ear cups that will be a little bit more forgiving.