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Shop Safe This Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, and we begin our shopping, the first thing on our list should be safety; we need to shop safe this holiday season. After all, the best gift we can give our family is our well being. During the days preceding the holidays, we will be spending lots of time in the pursuit of finding the perfect gift for our loved ones, our friends, and others who make our life better and easier. While on these shopping trips, we need to be in control; we need to be aware of our surroundings, and aware of people who seem to be in our space. In other words, we need to shop safe.

How I Learned to Shop Safe

Two years ago, my DH gave me an unusual gift. We were out looking for Christmas gifts, and I am sure you ladies and guys know the routine. DH, would you hold my purse while I open up this sweater to see if I think it will fit Grace? DH, would you watch my purse while I try on this dress? DH and purse do not belong together in the same sentence. So, that is how I got my unusual gift.

Later that day, we separated to do some shopping for each other, and when he came back, he was carrying a small bag. (I love small bags!) When we arrived home, he gave me the bag and said it was an early Christmas present. Wow, this was exciting! I ripped into the bag and pulled out a small square flat box. Wondering what it could be, I lifted the top to discover a man's black leather wallet inside. I looked at him wondering how this could have been mixed up with a diamond tennis bracelet, which I was expecting to be in the box. I said the store has given you the wrong package. He looked inside the box, and said no, that was the correct item in the box.

DH said he had watched me that day, and he was concerned about my safety and well-being. He noticed what I went through carrying a pocketbook, and he felt that it hindered my concentration while shopping and could possibly be a way that someone could hurt me (i.e., stealing my purse and therefore my identity).

He said he purchased the wallet for me to carry while shopping, and that I could put it in my pocket and have my hands free. Also, by carrying it in my pocket, it would not be as easy to steal, and it would allow me to shop safe. He suggested that I place it in my front pocket since no one would be able to pick my front pocket and steal my wallet.

DH's gift and idea have worked out great for me, and I use it to shop safe all year long, not just at Christmas. The wallet he gave me has slots for eight credit cards, two pockets, and a place for bills. I place my cards and drivers license in certain slots, and I can tell at a glance what is there and what isn't. This helps me to keep track of my credit cards while shopping and helps me to shop safe.

More Shop Safe Tips

Another, shop safe, credit card tip is to leave your credit card in your wallet until it is time to slide it through the machine to complete the sale. If you take your credit card out while your items are being rung up, it is a chance that someone could see your card, and using their cell phone, take a picture of your card. They will then have your name and the numbers off your card.

Another way to shop safe is to schedule your trips to the mall so you can do all your shopping in only one or two stores, and then just take the credit cards, coupons, and cash that you need for those items. Speaking of cash, don't take a whole wad of cash with you. Shop safe and take only what you will need, and leave the rest of your Christmas club cash at home. If you find a must have item, ask the clerk to hold it for you for 24 hours, and pick it up the next day.

Be careful if you carry a purse; keep it close to you and shop safe. While I no longer carry a pocketbook with me while shopping, I do see many women who do. And I am astonished at the number of shoppers who leave their purses in the basket of their cart, and then turn their backs to pick up something. In addition to leaving it in the cart, occasionally the purse is setting open where anyone could reach in and grab the billfold.

Shop safe at the mall day or night. Even in daylight, we need to be alert to our surroundings, and look out for possible problems. Be careful when turning your back to load gifts into the trunk; be aware of sounds and movement around you. If you find yourself at the mall late a night - shop safe - ask security to escort you to your car.

Another way to shop safe is to plan multiple small trips to the mall during daylight hours. That way you will not be overwhelmed with having to carry large amounts of cash, many different credit cards, and carry around large bags of gifts.

Shop safe by shopping with your best friend. Purchase her items first thing in the morning, and yours after lunch. That way you both will be able to get your shopping done, and the buddy system will help you to shop safe.

Shop Safe From Home

Shop safe this holiday season by ordering from home. Look online to find all those fabulous gifts you want for your family and friends. The choices online are far larger than what you will find in the mall, and you can do it at your convenience, dressed the way you are most comfortable. No more achy feet, and no more hauling bags of gifts. Instead, they are delivered to your front door. Home is a great place to shop safe.

Also, periodically, online sellers offer discounts or free shipping. If you are an experienced shopper, you can probably find a deal with a discount and free shipping, too. All this while you shop safe in your home.

Enjoy shopping this holiday season, and just remember to shop safe.

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