Every woman wants to be beautiful. Not every woman has a Niemann-Marcus down around the corner just half a mile from home. Although Sisley's own website simply introduces the product lines, focusing on their philosophy and scientific methods, but a host of reputable online retailers offer Sisley products at attractive prices.

Sisley makes and markets literally hundreds of products, so that no department store ever could stock or display them all. In each product class, for each specific beauty application, Sisley offers two or three different formulae for different skin types and tones. All Sisley's products are hypo-allergenic, rich in anti-oxidants, moisturizers, minerals, and nutrients from their unique blends of potent botanical oils and essences. Faced with this embarrassment of riches, however, women should take their time, browsing, reading product descriptions and customers' reviews, selecting exactly the right formula to meet their needs.

In the real world of everyday commerce, most shoppers cannot afford the full complement of Sisley products. Online shopping allows the luxury of leisurely shopping, because most women ultimately only the one or two products most likely to yield the greatest results for their most troublesome spots. Frequent buyers agree that Sisley's anti-aging and skin rejuvenation products stand-out as their best. Although their make-up is absolutely deliriously delectable, most women have trouble justifying $40.00 for a single eye shadow. The moisturizers, cleansers, exfoliants, and beauty masks, on the other hand, are worth every minute of overtime a working woman puts in to pay for these beautifully bottled miracles.

Consistent with their high standards and exclusive formulae, Sisley products cost considerably more than drug store brands. Sisley's suggested retail prices for some of their larger sized most potent restoratives are over $300. Whereas satisfied customers routinely testify the Sisley products are worth every Franc, nevertheless careful consumers clearly will benefit from comparison shopping. Several large sites, which carry the full line of Sisley products, offer significant discounts on almost every product; and they frequently showcase especially deep discounts on specially packaged promotional items. A few sites also sell slightly damaged Sisley merchandise at clearance-sale prices; the sites absolutely guarantee the damage is purely superficial, limited only to the packaging and not at all harmful to the products.

On most sites, in-stock products ship the same day, and as shoppers have every right to expect, the sites offer the whole gamut of shipping options, so that overnight or next-day delivery usually is available.