UK Lottery Scams You Should Be Very Aware Of

If you have received a letter in the mail from Shoppers Point of Sale Sweepstakes stating that you have won $65, 000 and an enclosed check for $3, 950 (issued as a partial payment), you should do the following: RIP IT UP AND THROW IT AWAY!  It is a scam that looks so real it fools even the most skeptical of individuals.  To date, checking scams like this one have defrauded people out of hundreds or thousands of dollars. 


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Here is a sample of the letter they send:

Shoppers Point of Sales Sweepstakes
3960 Howard Hughes Pkwy Suite 160 Las Vegas nV. 89169
Tel: 1-905-598-2033  Fax: 1-206-337-8745
Claim #: POS/011455K
Batch #: 02/8095/2013

This is to inform you of the release of the result of the 2011 Shoppers Point of Sale Sweepstakes held on February 26th, 2011 in London England.  As a frequent shopper in one of our participating stores, we are pleased to inform you that one of your points of sale purchases was electronically selected and entered for this sweepstakes.  Please note that your name, attached to ticket with serial number (041-2214-632) emerged as one of th e lucky winners in this category.  Being one of the twenty (20) winners, you have been approved to received the sum of $65, 000.  This amount is from a total cash prize of $1, 3000, 000.00 shared amongst twenty winners drawn from the US, UK and Canada.
Please note that all participants in this drawing were randomly selected through a computer generated ballot system, drawn from amongst twenty five thousand ($25,000) point of sale purchases in the US, UK and Canada.
Please note that all winnings must be claimed not later than 7 days from the date of this lettter.  At the expiration of this date, all unclaimed winnings will invalidated and the prizes included in the next drawing series to be held in January 2012.  In order to avoid delays in the processing of your payment, please remember to quote your claim number when contacting our claims agent.  We advise that you keep your claim number and your notificaiton letter private until you have claimed your prize, as this is a security measure designed to prevent false claims and unwarranted abuse of this program.
Enclosed with this letter is a check (see picture below) in the amount of $3, 950.00 issued to you as a partial payment which was deducted from your total winning of $65, 000.00.
Please deposit this check into your bank and call Mark McDonald at 1-905-598-2033 between the hours of 9.00am and 8.00pm EST Monday through Friday and 9.00am to 5.30pm Saturdays to claim your prize. 

This check was issued to you by our sponsors to assist you in paying the amount of $2, 950.00 which is the insurance and handling charges.
Once again congratulations and thank you for being a part of Shoppers Reward and Promotional Program.
Fake Signature
Ann Martin
Director of Operations

Here is how it usually work:

  • You receive a letter from a company stating you have won a large amount of money.
  • They send you a fake check in this case for $3, 950 to be used towards paying the insurance and handling charges of $2, 950. This check looks real, it doesn't have one of those messages on the back of the check that says if you cash it you are agreeing to such and such. It looks like a real bona-fide check.  Even if you take it to your bank, your bank would probably verify that it is real. Some banks release the funds immediately instead of waiting to see if the funds actually clear.  So the $2, 950 that you are sending to them is actually your own money that you will end up owing the bank after the check comes back.
  • They even give you a legitimate phone number to call a representative to coordinate the release of your funds. To further instill this sense of trustworthiness in your eyes.
  • In order to receive your funds, you will have to send more money. And unsuspecting people who don't know any better would send these funds. Thinking they will be getting a larger prize soon. Again, this is your own money you are sending them because the check is no good.
  • You have seven days to claim your prize because after seven days the $3, 950 that you deposited in your bank account is going to bounce.  So that means you have just "cashed" a check, spent money that wasn't really deposited in your account and when the check comes back bounced...guess who is responsible to pay the bank back?
  • By cashing the check, these thieves also have access to your checking account number and checking account routing number. Can you imagine the damage they can do with that?

The bank may even charge you with check fraud because of the amount of the check and because it is your responsibility to know the trustworthiness of the source before you deposit that check into your bank account.  You could end up in serious hot water by getting involved in this checking scam and money laundering scheme.

The bottom line is that it is a huge checking scam and money laundering scheme and you should just rip up any letter and any checks that you get from any of these fake companies.  Another tip you should look for is that there are usually more than one address:  One on the outer envelope, one on the letter itself and one on the check.  This is a HUGE red flag that you should watch out for.

What is sad is that these crooks prey upon the elderly and the poor who may not have the access to research these kinds of criminal activities. Since everything looks so legitimate including the phone number they give you to call and the name of the representative you get to speak with, the elderly and the poor would most likely think everything is legitimate.

There are many names that these companies go by.  Here are just a few on the list:

  • Shoppers Point of Sale Sweepstakes (3960 Howard Hughes Pkwy 160 Las Vegas NV. 89160: Tel: 1-905-598-2033 Fax: 1-206-337-8745)
  • North American Clearing Services
  • Maricopa Inc.
  • Cambridge Scientific Corp. DBA Cambridge Scientific Products
  • Sheraton Securities
  • Corrosion Resistant Technologies
  • Customer Compensation and Appreciation Bonanza
  • Riedon Resistor Company
  • International shoppers compensation sweepstakes
  • BMO Toronto, ON
  • Synovate Shoppers Point of Sale Sweepstakes
  • West Link Securities Inc. (1555 Bishops Gate Rd. London UK EC2M-4AA-Tel: 1-416-828-3220)

and the list goes on and on and on and on...............................

Rip up the letter or report it to the Attorney General's Office or Loca Authorities in your state but whatever you do ......DO NOT CASH THAT CHECK!

 Here is a picture of what your FAKE check may look like:

Shoppers Point Fake Cashiers Check ScamCredit: actual "check" sent to consumer



For more information on these types of checking scams and consumer fraud, check out