Recycled clothes and jewelry doesn't mean someone took it right out of the garbage, put a string through it, and tied it around your neck. On the contrary, Eco-Chic fashion is becoming quickly popular, with stars like Natalie Portman and Zac Efron sporting looks. It has also sparked numerous blogs, websites and even sites where people like you can sell your recycled jewelry, clothes, and decorations.

Eco Chic Flower was founded in June 2005 to give people the opportunity to share their eco-friendly creations. It boasts over thirty categories in which to shop, including wedding, crochet and even geekery featuring covers for laptop computers and witty t-shirts. Etsy works similar to most store sites, allowing you to add items to a cart after deciding on them.

Another way to find eco-friendly style is to search at local boutiques. More often than not, those stores with feature the talents of a local artist. For example, you might run across someone who turns spoons into beautiful necklaces with jewels and colored wax. This way, you can not only get something recycled and good for the environment, but you can also support a local artist. This is also something to take into consideration when attending arts festivals, like the annual Black Swamp Arts Festival or the Victoria Gardens Festival of the Arts. They can be found in your state and feature local talent that display handmade jewelry, decor, and clothing.
Eco Pillow
When you shop, you can also do it in a fashionable, environmentally-friendly way. Places like Forever 21 and have stylish bags to aid in your shopping. We all have too many plastic bags anyway. Start using these reusable ones. They easily fit inside a purse and waste little time preparing at the checkout. They're durable and cute, plus it will give you a chance to recycle your plastic bags at a local super center or grocery store.

reusable bags
How can you decide what to purchase now that you want eco-chic style?

Look in your closet. No matter what site/festival you chose, you always want something that will complement what you already have. Sift through the colors and style. Do you have mostly vintage clothes? Try to find something with an older feel. If you are more contemporary, go for something with more of a geometric feel and cooler colors. Whatever your style, recycled jewelry and eco-friendly clothes are not only great for the environment but they also dress up a wardrobe and make it more unique, especially when you have a one-of-a-kind piece instead of the same necklace from Claire's.