Bakugan Battle Pack

If your children have been fascinated by their friends new toys that are little balls that pop open to reveal mini action figures hidden inside, they have probably been watching them play with Bakugan. This craze has been growing in popularity since the anime TV show of the same name was aired back in 2007. These balls along with some associated cards form part of an action game that children seem to love. The aim of the game is to capture your opponents cards by battling their Bakugan. If two Bakugans are rolled onto the same card the person with the most points wins. Points are obtained from the player's Bakugan as well as from the card they land on and any ability cards they decide to play. If you are considering buying any of these toys, make sure you avoid the following three mistakes:

1. Do not buy too few Bakugan

Your child will need 3 Bakugan to play the game properly and 6 Bakugan if they are supplying the pieces for a two player game. To play more strategically and to add to the fun, the more new Bakugan toys you have to choose from the better. Starter Packs and Battle Packs are available to buy this number of Bakugan more cost effectively. The Starter Pack contains 3 balls and the Battle Pack contains 6. Single Bakugan can be purchased by either choosing the creatures specifically by name or from a randomly allocated Booster Pack.

2. Do not think accessories are necessary

There are various add ons to the basic ball and card game that you can buy. None of these are necessities to play the game but can add to the experience. Such accessories include playing areas, launchers and storage options. There are two playing areas to choose from. Firstly the Battle Arena which has a large sturdy base which folds out and has raised edges that snap into place. Secondly the Bakumat which is a more portable but less sturdy option as it pops open and folds away. Without any accessories to help you launch your Bakugan you would just roll them into play but you can buy a Launcher to add spins and advanced launches to your skill set. When play is over for the day there are various storage options to choose from including racks, tins and cases.

3. Do not buy advanced toys without having a starter kit

There are a couple of advanced Bakugan toys you can buy to expand your collection such as the Bakugan Deka and Maxus Dragonoid, but these are mainly for experienced players. They do not come with enough pieces to play the standard game on their own so you need to have one of the starter kits as well. They are great additions to any collection though. The Deka balls are just larger versions of the standard Bakugan toy, being about 10cm tall when open. The Maxus Dragonoid is a set of seven Bakugan pieces that combine to form a giant dragon robot.