One of the best reasons in buying card table and chairs is convenience. In fact, while it would be great to play poker indoors with ice cold beer, nothing beats a great Sunday of rounds of cards on a park with friends and family. But you don't have to worry about wobbly and aluminum card table and chairs that you've seen with grandpa; today, not only do you have the widest variety but the details, durability, and design go beyond what you could actually imagine.

Some things that you need to consider before heading to any recreational store: the table shape and size. While your mantra in any card game is "the more the merrier," you would still have to consider the setting where your card game usually takes place. In this way, your guests and playmates could comfortably enjoy limitless number of rounds of poker.

Card Table and Chairs Sizes

The sizes for folding card table and chairs are almost limitless: you could now choose anywhere between 36 inches to whopping 96 inches. The sizes are basically determined by the number of players that you want to sit in a game. If you want to host more players, the better it would be better for you to choose oval shaped over those that are round.

While all folding card table and chairs could be easily stored just about anywhere, you may want to consider setting up a match in a garage where more space is available. If you have a game room, then permanently setting your card table and chairs would not be an eye sore as the designs available for your picking could not be a disappointment. Most tables now come with height adjustment that could match the height of your chairs, in case you have bought them separately.

In terms of comfort, it would be best for you to purchase the adjustable type as most card tables are built according to standard height: 29 inches. Adjustable types could comfortably lower your height table to 22 inches and even increase it to 32 inches. If you had been playing poker for some time, you know that the comfort level is something that should not be compromised, especially when you are going to sit in a spot for quite some time.

Table Top Design

While there are a number of modern card table that comes in slick surfaces, you may want to stick in the traditional felt table top cover. If you had been playing for some time, you know that a felt table top is a must in any poker game as it keeps that cards and chips from sliding from the table down to the floor. Cards could easily flip over when being picked from these modern, slick surfaces, which basically shows what you have to just about everyone.

If you are going to consider the table top material, the only thing that could limit you is your budget. If you are vying for traditional table top, you could choose between a flat and simple felt and those that would come with all the whistles and bells. Some designs do come with additional cup holders and bags to hold the cards and chips. The more expensive card table comes with an extra pack of felt so you could easily replace it when the original material had worn out.

Card tables and chairs come in a variety of price ranges, styles, and even materials. The two things that could limit you in shopping for a comfortable and great looking card tables and chairs are your taste and budget.