The beautiful Italian region of Tuscany is a paradise for good shopping. Large cities like Pisa and Florence have numerous shops selling leather, jewelry and other luxury items, while you can find across the Tuscan region a wide variety of smaller shops selling craft objects, wine and food.

Tuscany is known for its lace, terra cotta, crystal and leather goods, but the region is also home to Gucci, Armani, Fendi, Prada and other factory outlets. When shopping in Tuscany, you should also not forget the delicious Tuscan olive oil, known for its flavor and excellent quality. In the shops, you will see a wide variety, going from the simple olive oil to oil mixed with herbs or other ingredients.


In the Tuscan towns and villages you can find various smaller stores, where you can buy local specialties, such as glassware, pasta, cheese, honey, wine and olive oil.

The wealthy city of Florence is a paradise for shoppers looking for designer clothes and shoes, leather items and jewelry.

You will find leather shops across the city, but the best area to visit is the Santa Croce district.

The jewelry shops you will find in all major streets in Florence, but already for more than 400 years, the traditional home of many (tiny) jewelry shops is the Ponte Vecchio. Don't expect to find any bargains in this area, but if you're looking for a souvenir or a charm, the Ponte Vecchio is fine.

Fashion addicts should visit Via de Tornabuoni and its surrounding streets, where you can find the main designer stores.

The major department stores can be found in the city centre of Florence.


The winter sales in the Tuscan region starts early January, while the summer sales takes places from early July onwards.


Visit one of the markets in the Tuscan cities, towns or villages to find the best selection of food and local items. In most Tuscan towns and villages there is a general market once a week.

The morning is really the best time to wander round the markets and flea markets looking for bargains and unique items.

Florence is rich in open-air markets. The San Lorenzo market should not be missed, it is the best market for food, while you will find also stalls in the streets around San Lorenzo, selling souvenirs, clothes, bags and other goods. The New Market at Loggia del Porcellino is good for leather goods and souvenir shopping, while lovers of antique items should visit the Flea Market near Piazza Santa Croce.

Opening Times

The majority of the shops in Florence are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 09:00 hrs until 20:00 hrs. Most department stores in the capital of Tuscany are also open on Sunday.

Stores in the towns of the Tuscan region open their doors from Tuesday until Saturday from 09:00 hrs until 13:00 hrs and from 16:00 hrs until 20:00 hrs. Many shops are closed on Monday morning, except for food shops.


In large shops credit cards are accepted, while smaller stores will prefer cash. You should verify this before making any major purchase. Residents from outside the European Union may have their Value Added Tax (VAT) returned for purchases.