Where to Shop in Hong Kong?

There are tons of shopping malls in Hong Kong. You will find popular malls such as Sogo, Times Square, World Trade Center, Fashion Walk, and Hysan Place in Causeway Bay alone! The cool thing about this is, most of the time, you can just walk aimlessly and still find a mall somewhere (as long as you're in urban areas). A lot of tourists, including myself, go to this city mainly for shopping.

Having been to the city several times, I have done a lot of shopping and have been to a lot of malls. In this page, I'll give you a list of major shopping malls in Hong Kong. I will update this list as often as I can, so feel free to come back!

Plan ahead. Start making your itinerary to make the most out of your shopping spree. This list will definitely save you lot of time.

Note: Since I'm not familiar with all the cities around the world, I can't tell if shopping in Hong Kong is cheaper compared to the city that you live in. To keep things simple, I use my own country (the Philippines) as a reference to most of the malls mentioned here.

Shopping in Hong Kong is fun!

Tips for Shoppers

  • Step into your most comfortable shoes because you will do a LOT of walking!
  • Bring a couple of foldable bags for extra storage for your shopping finds.
  • Don't forget to apply sunblock.
  • Plan your budget and stick to it.
  • Bring a map.
  • Bring an umbrella in case it rains. Or put on a hooded jacket.

Times Square

Times Square is directly linked to the Causeway Bay MTR station. The place is always jammed with people. I like the atmosphere here, especially during the Christmas season. Just like the Times Square in New York, this mall is one of the main venues for New Year's Countdown. Every New Year's Eve, roads leading to the mall would be blocked while policemen patrol the area. If you want to join the countdown celebration, be sure to arrive here hours earlier.

It has a City' Super in the basement and a food court. There are two Marks & Spencer stores here, one for men and another for women. The Zara store is quite huge. I always visit Pull&Bear and Bershka (both owned by the same company that owns Zara). I found a couple of cute Pull&Bear shirts that were less than HK$50 each!

Barbie Exhibition at Time Square 2011Credit: Rainy Kua

Barbie Exhibition, 2011

Address: 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay
How to get there: Causeway Bay MTR station of Island Line, Exit A1

Hysan Place

Hysan Place is a fairly new mall in Causeway Bay. It's a pleasant place to stroll around. It houses Eslite, "Asia's Best" bookstore, from 8th to 10th floor! Above the bookstore is a food court. I love it because it's very clean.

If you're too tired (or too lazy) to walk, you can take the long Express Escalators. From the entrance, walk straight until you reach a dead end. You'll see the escalators there. Warning: it is beside the glass walls. You could see the street several meters below. So if you have acoraphobia, it's better to stay away from it. My dad and I were shaking before we reached the top!

One more thing worth mentioning about this mall is it has a HUGE Apple store. Hurray for Apple fans! As early as 9 or 10 am, I saw long lines of people already waiting outside the store.
Eslite Bookstore at Hysan PlaceCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hysan_Place_eslite_Level_9_2012.jpg

Eslite Bookstore

Address: 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
How to get there: Causeway Bay MTR station of Island Line, Exit F2

Windsor House

Honestly, I prefer how it looked like in the 1990's. The exterior walls used to be smooth blocks of marble or ceramic. On New Year's Eve, my family would join the crowd gathered outside the mall and watched the blocks popping out of the building and revealing moving Nutcrackers and Santa's inside.

Fast forward to the 21st century, Windsor House looks modern. But the Nutcrackers and the Santa's are long gone. I really have nothing much to see here, except for the computer shops on the top floors. That said, it will always hold a special place in my heart.
Windsor HouseCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:HK_CWB_Great_George_Street_Windsor_House_facade_May-2012.JPG
Address: 311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay
How to get there: Causeway Bay MTR station of Island Line, Exit E

New Town Plaza

This mall is situated in the New Territories, which is close to the border of Mainland China. I see a lot of Mainlanders in this part of Hong Kong. I heard that most of them came all the way from Mainland to shop. After a day of shopping, most of them would go back home via the MTR train. Some buy diapers, formula milk, appliances, or luxury bags.

It's a very huge mall. It houses most of the stores that I frequent to such as Uniqlo, M&S, Bossini, H&M, and Zara. I find the place a bit dizzying though.
Snoopy Exhibition at New Town Plaza 2009Credit: Rainy Kua

Snoopy Exhibition, 2009

Address: Sha Tin Centre St., Sha Tin, New Territories
How to get there: Sha Tin MTR station of East Rail Line, Exit A

Citygate Outlets

I've read a few negative reviews on this mall. Nonetheless, with the huge discounts that it offers, I still think Citygate Outlets is worth checking out. Shopping for branded items is cheaper here than anywhere I've seen. Shops are smaller and have fewer items, but you might still find something that you'll like. The Esprit Outlet here is huge. It gets crowded in the afternoon, so I always make a beeline to the store once I've arrived to the mall. I think shoes like Crocs and K-Swiss are a lot cheaper, though they only have limited designs.

Citygate Outlets is just ten minutes away from HK airport. To save on travel time, some tourists go straight to the mall upon arrival. The mall has lockers available for rent to allow tourists to store their luggage. 
Citygate Outlets MascotCredit: Rainy Kua
Address: Address: 20 Tat Tung Road, Tung Chung, Lantau
How to get there: Tung Chung MTR station of Tung Chung Line, Exit C

Harbour City

It's an enormous shopping mall along the harbour. I've visited this place several times but I still get lost inside. It houses numerous retailers, most of which are high-end stores. Its Toys "R" Us is the largest in the city. I go crazy over its various gachapon machines.
Harbour City Fairies 2009Credit: Rainy Kua

Fairies Exhibition, 2009

Address: 3 Canton Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
How to get there: Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station of Tsuen Wan Line, Exit A1

Golden Computer Arcade

If you're a computer geek, this is the place for you. Here, you will find all the things that you need in assembling a new computer. It also has laptops, external hard drives, game consoles, tablet devices, USB flash drives, and everything that a geek would need and want (And they're dirt cheap too!). The place looks like a bazaar and is always swarming with people. It's a challenge to get what you need, so having a shopping list might help you.
Golden Computer ArcadeCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Golden_Cmputer_Centre.JPG
Address: Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong
How to get there: Go to Sham Shui Po MTR station of Tsuen Wan Line, Exit D2 (it's the building across the street)

Wan Chai Computer Center

Like Golden Computer Shopping Center, this place also sells computers and gadgets. It has fewer selection of computer stuff (and probably a little bit more expensive), but the place is not as crowded, which means that you'll get a more pleasant shopping experience.

Address: 130 Hennesy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
How to get there: Wan Chai MTR station of Island Line, Exit A4, turn left

Maritime Square

Maritime Square is located in Tsing Yi which is only a station away from the airport via the Airport Express. Unlike Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui, Tsing Yi is not a tourist spot and is mainly a residential area. We discovered this mall when we stayed in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel for a couple of days. Since the food in the hotel is very pricey (Mickey Mouse is a greedy businessman), we would go to either this mall or to Citygate Outlets to buy some ready-to-eat foods and snacks. The mall exceeded my expectations. It looked quite nice and it's a great place for middle-class families to shop in. I found most of my favorite stores there - UniqloBershkaBossiniZaraLog-OnMarks & Spencer, etc. The restaurants are also surprisingly affordable.
As you can see in the photo, there was an exhibition of Paddington Bear when we went there (he has an upcoming movie this year!). He is very cute and cuddly! The crowd was moderate so it was not hard to snap photos with the bear.
Maritime SquareCredit: Rainy Kua

Paddington Bear Exhibition, 2013

Address: 33 Tsing King Road, Tsing Yi
How to get there: Tsing Yi MTR station of Tung Chung Line, Exit A2

Hong Kong Shops

This is a list of shops that I recommend. These are not necessarily HK brands or HK-owned.
Sa Sa
Sa Sa is the largest retail chain in Asia. It has several branches around the city that it's hard not to spot one in Hong Kong. It has a wide range of beauty and health products to choose from. It also has an online store that ships worldwide!

Bonjour is a cosmetics retailer like Sa Sa. I see a lot of these stores around Hong Kong, but they're not as prominent as Sa Sa.

Watsons sells more products in Hong Kong compared to the branches here in Manila. If I'm not mistaken, it's also cheaper in HK.

Marks & Spencer
My favorite M&S store is the one in Central. It is three to four storeys high and has the biggest food section I've seen.

Address: No. 22-28 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong
How to get there: Central MTR station, Exit D1

It sells appliances and electronics. My family bought a cute mini rice cooker here.

Japan Home Centre
It sells various products from Daiso Japan. It's comparable to Wal Mart. Items here are dirt cheap. I find them even cheaper than in Manila.

I like the huge Gap store at Queens Road, Central. I found several items here that are not available in my country, so it's worth checking out.

Address: No. 31 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong
How to get there: Central MTR station, Exit D1
This furniture giant has opened a number of stores around the globe. Unfortunately, it hasn't arrived in the Philippines yet. Some new home owners that I know would travel all the way to Hong Kong just to buy a few pieces of Ikea furniture. For now, all I can do is window-shop. I always frequent the Ikea store at Park Lane Hotel's basement.

Forever 21
The new Forever 21 store at Causeway Bay is five-storeys high! Even before the construction of the building had completed, the craze for this new store had already hit my friends (as evident in their FB statuses).

Address: Capitol Centre, No. 5-19 Jardine's Bazaar, Causeway Bay

It has a full range of fashion items that are quite affordable. Most H&M stores I've been to are huge (3 to 4 storeys high). A lot of my friends love this brand.
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