When purchasing new window treatments, it is important to be well-versed in the types of curtain hardware necessary for installation. Knowing what is available makes it easier to be prepared, and can potentially save you multiple trips to the store.

The first step is to determine how your window treatment will function. If you intend to have the ability to open and close the treatment via a cord system, you'll need to purchase some type of traverse rod that allows the fabric to be drawn open to one side. Other traverse rods are designed to draw fabric to both sides when opened. If you intend to hang multiple layers, or sheers with draperies, you'll need a rod system that can accommodate both. For a simpler arrangement with no need for cords, movement, or multiple layers, there is a wide array of traditional rods. These include a great assortment of decorative curtain rods made typically from wood or metal.

curtain rodYou'll find a wide variety of finishes and curtain rod finials as well, adding to the decorating possibilities. This type of rod requires a set of the appropriate brackets for installation, making sure that the rod is supported for the weight it must bear. If you are hanging tab curtains, you'll need to purchase rings to hold the treatment in place on the appropriate pole. Again, the available selection is vast, including whimsical jeweled pieces, masculine wood choices, and everything in between.

For long draperies, you might consider purchasing decorative tie backs for curtains, allowing you to swag the fabric while adding an interesting touch with tassels, cording or perhaps even jeweled cable. It is wise to have the draperies hung before purchasing the tie backs. You'll want to find a good match, units that are long enough to allow the fabric to drape without creasing, but snug enough to hold everything in place properly. You'll also find a selection of rigid models which are affixed to the wall and placed in such a way that the fabric panel can be tucked behind when wanting to allow light to enter the room. These are often constructed in a hook shape, or as some type of post with a larger decorative medallion on the end for holding the fabric in position.

Your curtain hardware purchases are determined not only by their functionality, but also by their look. You have the option of exploring as simple or as ornate as your decorating style dictates and your budget can afford.