Dog runs come in many sizes, shapes and styles. Depending on your living situation, you may be limited in the type of enclosure you can install. With the variety of selections available, there is sure to be one that meets your needs.

outdoor dog runsFor outdoor dog runs, you should first consider the location and size. The intent is to allow your pet to have a space where it can exercise and play freely. The size of the enclosure should be based on the size of the breed. Note that even the smallest breeds need adequate space. Typically these structures are installed in back or side yards. If you are renting, or travel extensively, you may consider looking at a selection of portable dog runs, which can move when you do. Whether selecting a portable or permanent structure, it is important to select appropriate flooring. Many consumers choose cement for its ease of cleaning, and sanitary nature. Grass and dirt are another common selection, but can be hard to maintain and digging may be in issue. Other alternatives are gravel or a high density plastic. If possible, have your fenced area connected to a kennel, offering free movement between the two so your pup can retreat to a safe haven when it feels the need.

When properly outfitted it offers protection for your animal, portable dog runkeeping it contained in a controlled area, while offering the opportunity to run and play. It keeps your pet away from gardens, barbeques, children's play sets, or any other area that you choose to keep pet-free. If you are in an area where yards are typically unfenced, backyard dog runs keep your pet from running off, and at the same time keep your pooch safe from any other animals that may be roaming about.

A variety of features are available, but the basics are fairly common. Some type of cover, either over all or a portion of the enclosure is a must. This protects your pets from the elements; such as sun and precipitation. An appropriately secure gate is a necessity, and must be large enough to allow easy access for cleaning. Sturdy and large water containers are made specifically for outdoor use. These can be found at most any store selling dog supplies. There are a variety of backyard dog runmaterials used to construct these enclosures. From wood to chain link, you will be able to find one that fits your space, and offers all that your pet needs and deserves.

Looking at the vast selection of dog runs can be overwhelming. Take the time to do your research. This is not just a structure in your backyard; it is also an investment in your pet's health and safety.