Jacques Lemans and The Expendables 2

Fashion Meets Action

It’s that time of year again. The time when you need a new watch. And if you have seen The Expendables 2, you know that one of the hottest brands of watch to buy right now is Jacques Lemans (“an official partner of The Expendables 2”). At first it was a little humorous to see the cavalcade of aging action stars surreptitiously sporting such extravagant timepieces at so many different points in the movie. But after a while, the strong design of the watches really started to grow on us, and now we are a believer in the sporty style of Jacques Lemans watches, like this piece from the Geneve Collection:

Jacques Lemans Geneve Collection(112105)

Choosing the Right Jacques Lemans Watch

Inexpensive and High-End Choices

Let’s look at some of the specific watches from Jacques Lemans that are sure to make a statement, whether at work or play. 

A good entry-level watch from Jacques Lemans is the men’s 1-1586O Rome Sport. This Sport Analog Chronograph comes with a silicone band, and the entire piece is a stylish wristwatch that elegantly blends style and usefulness. Plus, it’s black, and anyone who knows fashion can tell you that black goes with anything. Black chronograph dial, black case, black band, the Rome Sport is all black, and it is as comfortable as it is stylish. If you are looking for a Jacques Lemans watch for less than $200, it will be difficult to find a better option than the Rome Sport.

But let us assume for a moment that the watches from Jacques Lemans listed so far are just too middle-of-the-wristwatch-road, and that you are looking for an absolute showstopper. For that, it is necessary to look towards the Geneve collection from Jacques Lemans, which includes such brilliant timepieces as the Men's GU187B Geneve Collection Automatic Chronograph Watch (pictured above) and the Men's GU175C Geneve Baca Extra Flat Collection Watch. 

The GU187B is an especially cool choice for a watch, as it has an attractive leather band and a jealousy-inducing Valjoux 7750 movement. What that means for you is that you’re getting a watch that is relentlessly accurate in its timekeeping. But be aware: this watch is quite heavy, clocking in (forgive me) at about 15 ounces. However, there is no doubt that wearing a timepiece like this is sure to turn heads, and possibly earn you the nickname “The Lone Wolf.”

History of the Jacques Lemans Watch Company

Elegance, Athleticism, Aesthetics

Now that you have a feel for the general Jacques Lemans aesthetic, it might be useful to learn a little more about the history of the Jacques Lemans brand. Interestingly enough, the watch company Jacques Lemans was not started by a person named Jacques Lemans, but was instead started by a man named Alfred Riedl. Riedl had a dream to diversify into the watch-making business and develop a brand that could be many things to many people. The qualities of elegance, athleticism, and overall aesthetic appeal were strong generative forces of motivation for Riedl then, and they remain a goal of the Jacques Lemans company today. 

And the brand of Jacques Lemans is not just well-advertised as a result of being in the The Expendables 2. The Jacques Lemans brand has also long been affiliated with Formula One Racing in Europe. The Jacques Lemans company is located today at a headquarters in St. Veit an der Glan in Austria, and the mountains of Switzerland and Austria continue to be the home for the workshops developing Jacques Lemans forward-thinking watch designs.

Each watch from Jacques LeMans comes with a 5-year warranty, which is a nice bonus. We could explain to you why that’s so great, but we decided to get CSI: Miami’s Lieutenant Horatio Caine to do the honors:

CSI watch pun

One of Our Favorite Jacques Lemans Watches

The 1-1583A Liverpool GMT

Jacques Lemans Liverpool(112104)

Back on the other end of the Jacques Lemans price spectrum, one of our favorite analog watch choices is the 1-1583A Liverpool GMT. This sophisticated piece won’t set you back more than a couple hundred dollars, and it has a ton of character. The Liverpool features a multi-function dual-time dial that will let you set your watch for times on both sides of the pond. With a mineral window face and a black calfskin band, this watch is equally comfortable on your arm in business or social settings.

These watches do not even begin to scratch the surface of the choices available from Jacques Lemans. Do yourself a favor and check out the whole lineup of available styles from this leader in aesthetic wristwatches.